What is Your Problem-Solving Approach?

Problem-solving is a daily tool for us living in these complicated modern times. We have tasks every day, whether at home, for family and friends, for ourselves, for our work - and many more besides! We each have our own strategies and ways of completing those challenges. How do YOU problem-solve? Take our subliminal test and find out.
Pick a room you'd rather sleep in...
Pick a dress/outfit for you or your spouse...
Which animal is closest to how you feel at the moment?
Pick the image that seems most attractive to you.
You had a bad day at work and you're looking to let off some steam, what do you choose?
Wild Dancing
A good meal
A fun movie
A workout
Pick your favorite musical instrument.
You're looking to have a family picnic. Where do you choose to have it?
You feel like you need some alone time after a tragedy. Where do you go?
Exotic forest location
The beach
My room
Pick a country you'd like to see in your travels.
Choose a drink that you want to sip right now.
Choose a necklace you'd give as a gift to someone close.
You're shipwrecked on a far off island, which of these items do you choose to have with you?
Based on your test results, it seems that you prefer to solve your problems in a way that is different from the norm, a way that requires you to think outside the box, one that no one has thought of before you or that few have taken. In fact, when your relatives run into a problem and they need good and slightly different advice than usual, they come to you knowing you can provide it to them. <br><br>Your creativity makes you a person who is full of life on the one hand, but mysterious on the other. Few can predict what you will do and especially how you will solve the problem presented to you. This has a big advantage, but sometimes it is worth giving a chance to methods that are "according to the book" - if they have helped others, they may help you as well. Don't knock it until you tried it.
By the Book
Judging by the results of your test, it seems that you would rather solve your problems "by the book", rather than move much from the accepted and well-known methods. As a serious, considerate, responsible and sometimes even determined person, you prefer to rely on past experience, and it makes a lot of sense - if a certain method has already proven itself, why would it not work for you as well?<br><br> When your relatives and friends need good advice that can be trusted with their eyes closed in a time of need, they come to you knowing you will provide it. The fact that you are so stable makes you an anchor wherever you are - and that is a huge advantage in moments of crisis. However, do not forget that not all the methods you have tried before have worked and succeeded, and sometimes you should try thinking outside the box as well.
Based on your test results, it seems that you would rather think in the short-term and solve your problems in the quickest way, sometimes without considering future consequences. Because of this, when your relatives and friends need a solution on the spot - they ask you for advice. <br><br>This coping method may be due to the fact that you are a person who prefers to look at the result instead of all the work done to get to it, and there are many benefits to this, but this form of action may make you look hurried or disorganized. Because of this, we will remind you that sometimes those who try to make shortcuts may pay dearly for it, so you need to stop and consider your approach before doing something that will make you work harder in the long term.
We don't know what you do in life, but from your test results, you seem to be a manager and a leader in your mind. As such, you know how to divide and delegate authority over others you trust and are confident that they will do the job for the best. <br><br>You have a rare ability of judging people's abilities, to harness them to the task and convince them to help you, especially in a time of need. You probably have great people skills as well. Your ability to delegate authority stems from your special perception of the world, in which you can see the big picture even in moments of crisis and easily grasp the skills of the people around you.
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