What Anxiety Do You Carry?

Let's face it. This is an age of anxiety. From pandemics to wars, rocky economic times and all the rest of it - we all have a little anxiety within us. But for each of us, it's a bit different, some are anxious about other people, some about money or health. We all have different brains and pasts, and these influence what makes us anxious and what does not. This test will try to answer this question for you - what kind of anxiety do you get most? Remember, the first step for dealing with those anxious feelings is to identify their origins.
You feel most secure when...
I'm in my own space
I have accomplished something
I feel strong and healthy
I'm with someone I love
None of these
I have plenty of free time
How often do you go to the hospital or see a doctor?
I go for the annual check-up
I go more for other people than myself
When I've been exposed to a virus or bacteria
Only when it's necessary
Whenever I think I need to (which is all the time)
Which unexpected person has an important place in your life?
My mentor (specific hobby or purpose)
No one I would call "unexpected"
My chosen medical professional
My assistant
Are you a neat freak?
I'm not really sure
Not particularly
Only to be considerate of those I live with
I'm more hygienic than neat
Oh yes
Which is the most common symptom of your anxiety?
Themed Nightmares
Excessive Sweating
Aggressive Thoughts
Red face or Blushing
I think I have all of these and more
Tunnel Vision
Do you stick to a schedule or time table?
Only the schedule my work gives me
I don't need a schedule- I'm always on time
No. I always do my own thing
Which makes you the most anxious?
Being unorganized or messy
Thinking about the future
Large crowds
None of these
This headache I'm always getting
Being alone
You tend to develop the strongest attachment with...
Inanimate objects
My goals
I don't develop attachments
My success
My caretakers
More than one of these
You're required to give a presentation at work or school. How do you react?
Do I have enough time to make my point?
I try and make sure everything is perfect
I cant come... I'm too sick
I hope I do a good job
Can I have a partner help?
No freaking way
Which bad habits could you see yourself adopting?
Repetative Actions
None of these
Heavy Drinking
Over Eating
You may have some Hypochondriasis Anxiety
You have some Hypochondriasis Anxiety. Also known as "illness anxiety", you have a tendency to stress out over physical symptoms that can be seemingly suspicious. As a Hypochondriac, the level of stress you succumb to can not only hinder your lifestyle choices and daily routine, but it can also lead to some psychosomatic symptoms that present themselves in your perfectly adequate health. While it's true that we all get sick from time to time and it's critical to prevent certain diseases, it's important to remember that our bodies were built for resistance and to activate immunity. Don't sweat the small germs and have more faith in the bodily strength we know you have!
You may have some Social Anxiety
You have some Social Anxiety. Does being around a large group of people make you feel inexplicably uncomfortable or awkward? Do you feel as if you are being evaluated or judged when you find yourself in a social setting? If you answered yes to both of these, then your social phobia describes your anxiety perfectly. We don't blame you for fearing judgement by others. In fact, we all get a little nervous when meet new people or try to put ourselves out there. However, we don't want this anxiety of yours to prevent you from new opportunities and meaningful relationships. Next time you step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to socialize, just take a deep breath, count to 10 and remember you have so many great qualities others would love for you to share with them!
You may have some Separation Anxiety
You may have some Separation Anxiety. If you're the type of individual who forms strong emotional attachments to the people in your life, then parting from them when you have to can be quite difficult. Whether it be a sibling, parent, or significant other, you tend to get a bit hyper-vigilant upon departure and feel a strong sense of loss within yourself without them around. We know this can be a tough internal struggle to overcome, but we'd like to remind you that those you love and connect with will be there when you need them, and it's totally natural to have some independent components diverging from your relationships!
You may have some Obsessive Compulsive Anxiety
You may have Obsessive Compulsive Anxiety. You have a tendency to get stressed out over the little things, huh? Things not being in the right order or objects being out of place probably really get to you. It's likely that your focus gets a bit scattered when you're trying to concentrate on one task, but your anxiety overpowers you and urges you to multitask and be in control of everything possible. It's okay to have the desire to do things correctly and pay attention to detail, but try not to let time consuming rituals keep you from letting a little loose now and then!
You may have some Chronophobia (Fear of Time)
You may have some anxiety of a type called Chronophobia. Chronophobia is the fear of limited time and because you're a bit anxious about the future, you sometimes lose the ability to properly comprehend it. Perhaps there was a specific event in your childhood that made you concerned for how we spend our time as humans? Or maybe you're just concerned with the amount of time we have on this earth and how it affects our mortality? Some special tips that can help you overcome this phobia of lapsing time is practicing self-care and good health. Being active with things such as exercise, nutrition and safe lifestyle choices can help to regain some sense of control and how long we have in our bodies for the pro-longed future
You may have some Performance Anxiety
You may have some Performance Anxiety, We're all a bit worried or anxious over the prospect of failing, but this is a bit more stressful to you than most other people. You usually associate failure or potential embarrassment with self-worth, and this is understandably a big deal. Alienation, loss of time, or loss of control can be a huge bummer if you don't succeed at every task you do, but the fact that you always try your hardest and set such unique goals for yourself should never be overlooked. Allow your motivation to be aroused to the point of excitement, while remaining level-headed at the same time!
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