Which Grandparent Are You?

Whether you are currently a grandparent or may be one in the future, one must wonder what kind of grandparent they actually are. This quiz was made just for that goal, to evaluate your answers and let you know - what kind of grandparent will you be (or are now)?
What advice will you give your children after they have their own?
Don't forget to rest and find time for yourselves
Don't forget to put a hat on the child and chamomile paste 3 times a day
The most important thing is that everyone is healthy and happy
Take lots of photos so we have everything recorded
Trust yourselves and you'll be fine. If not, I'm always a phone call away.
What gift will you give your grandchild?
Something his parents probably won't approve of
A good bed or crib - something useful
A toy I made myself
Something yummy
I'll give a spa day to the parents - a baby needs relaxed parents
If you are up at 6 am, what is the reason?
I always get up at that hour, I'm an early riser
Because I haven't gone to sleep yet
Because I'm taking a hike
To make breakfast for the family
Because there is some noise that won't let me sleep
What helps you "recharge" your energy?
Doing things for others
Going out with friends
A good exercise
Going online and participating in debates and arguments
Starting a creating project I may never finish
What tattoo can you imagine having on your body?
None. I hate tattoos.
The names of my children
Doesn't matter as long as it matches my other tattoos
Something funny or risky - you only live once!
A flower or bird - something classic
Which of these occupations draws you the most?
Forest Ranger - I love the calm of the forest
Doctor - I want to help people
Youtuber - I'd like to express myself and get paid for it
Fashion Designer - I love creativity and beauty
Critic - Food, movies or book, I'd like to express my opinions
What do you dislike the most about parenting?
Other parents that don't educate their kids right
The inability to drop everything and go on a trip
Modern standards of parenting - Parents are too liberal these days
The tiring routines
The fact that kids grow up so fast
What is the first thing you do if your kid's report card is full of bad grades?
Teach them to use cheat sheets so the teacher doesn't see
Hug and console them - they're probably feeling bad
Marks are not the most important thing in the world, and they should know that
Call the teacher to understand why my kid is getting bad grades
Try to understand why my kid is having difficulties and try to help them study
What would you like to teach your grandchildren?
Manners and decency
A recipe passed in the family
Defend their rights - no one else will
Useful life skills like changing a tire or fixing a leaky faucet
To be themselves
What would you like your grandchildren to call you?
Just 'grandma' or 'grandpa' with my first name
Just grandma or grandpa
We will choose a funny nickname together
I'd rather they called me by my first name, not everyone needs to know I'm a grandparent
Something I used to call my own grandparents when I was a child
What game or toy would you prefer to give your grandchildren?
Something that makes them laugh
Something that makes them think, like a strategy game
Something huge that will excite them by its very presence
An educational game about life
Something soft and cuddly they can sleep with
Where would you take your grandchildren?
To a nice park close to home
Abroad, show them the world
Somewhere in nature for a peaceful day
To a theme park - to have a great time
To the mall - to do some shopping and eating
What movie would you like to watch with your grandkids?
A classic comedy film like "Home Alone"
A nature documentary with interesting animals
A classic animated film like "Snow White" or "Cinderella"
A modern animated film like "Inside Out" or "Coco"
I'd prefer giving them books
What do you most hope to see in your grandkids when they grow up?
That they have kept our family traditions
That they grew up to be self assured people
That they have succeeded in life
That they have calm, comfortable lives
That they are doing what they love
What drink will you serve your grandkids?
Water - no need for anything else
Something sweet and light like juice
Hot chocolate
Natural juice I squeezed myself
Something alcoholic... when they're old enough
Cool Grandparent
When your grandkids see other grandparents, they may think they are dull, boring old people, because their own grandparents are so cool! Your grandkids will see you as cooler than their parents. You're the kind of grandparents who will keep up with trends that your grandkids love, and each gift will be exactly what they wanted (even if the parents may object). You'll have lots of great conversations with your grandkids because they'll trust you to be cool about what they have to say.
Worried Grandparent
You will probably be (or are) the kind of grandparent who calls their kids every day to get updated on the grandchildren. The moment you feel something is wrong, you'll immediately be on the way with help and probably large amounts of food. Your grandkids will never lack for good food and clothes you bought them. With you as a grandparent - the grandkids will always feel loved and taken care of.
Calm Grandparent
The kid fell from the swing? It happens. The most important thing in your eyes is to remain calm and make sure the parent stays calm as well. You will look to calm them both down. You will be grandparents who are aware your kids are working hard to be parents, and so you'll do everything you can to make them feel more relaxed. You know that in the end of the day parenting is a natural affair and one shouldn't get too anxious about it. You will be the anchor in the storm for your worried children.
Teaching Grandparent
Every time your grandkids see you, they will wonder what they are to learn today. Whether it's how to carefully open an electrical gadget and see how it works or a tip for life they can't get anywhere else. You will be an endless source of knowledge for your grandchildren. You may even start projects with them so you can work on them together, which creates a special bond between you.
Opinionated Grandparent
You know how to hold a baby so it stops crying, the best way to put the kids to sleep in their beds and how to enforce discipline - and you're not afraid of voicing your opinion about it. When the grandkids are over at your place they will be on their bet behavior, because they know what is expected of them. The parents are not as adamant but you'll always have tips for them so they learn from the experience you earned raising them.
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