The Four Digit Math Test

This math test may first appear like a lot of math, but if you remember the techniques to solve them taught to you at school, you should be more than equipped to win. This 4 digit addition test is a bit challenging to do in your head, so you can write it down - but no calculators!
This Isn't Adding Up...
Sorry, but your answers aren't adding up to much, if you'll excuse our pun. Maybe you want to take this test again a bit later? If not, have a look below and see where you got it wrong. These tests are designed to make it tricky so don't feel bad! We still have hundreds of other quizzes for you to challenge yourself with.
You + Addition = Not Bad!
You did pretty good for yourself! You're not among the top scorers, we're afraid, but definitely ahead of the curve. Great to see you can still do some math in your head. Feels good, doesn't it?
You + Addition = Perfection!
You have a mind like a steel trap, it seems, and easily did the required math in your head. These challenges may look easy to you but a lot of people find them tricky. So congratulations on being a top scorer! Share this result with others and challenge them to do as well as you!
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