How Familiar Are You with World History?

We all learn history in school, but a few hours of lessons every week for a few years can never teach us everything there is to know about the history of our world. Think you're experts in the field of history? Try the next test, and see how well you score...
Egyptian drawings
The pharaohs were rulers of which kingdom?
The Egyptian
The Nubian
The Assyrian
The Ottoman
Cave painting
Which of the following civilizations existed for the longest period of time?
The Chinese civilization
The western civilization
The Japanese civilization
The Islamic civilization
Soldiers from WWII
In which year did WWII begin?
The Magna Carta
The Magna Carta limited…
Government power
Citizens’ rights
Freedom of press
The responsibility of the supreme court
What is the name of Australia’s native people?
The Aboriginals
The Maori
The Polynesians
The Visigoths
A drawing of the revolution
In what year did the French Revolution end?
The constitution
Who is considered the “father of the US constitution?”
James Madison
John Hancock
Ulysses Simpson Grant
Harry Truman
The Great Wall
Which Chinese dynasty did the most work in the building of the Great Wall Of China?
The Ming dynasty
The Qin dynasty
The Hun dynasty
The Song dynasty
Which grain was domesticated first?
Bahamian flag
Which country did the Bahamas gain independence from In 1973?
The United States
A statue of a Roman Caesar
In which century did the Romans official become Christians?
The 4th century
The 3rd century
The 5th century
The 6th century
Roman ruins
Which roman numeral represents the number 100
True or false: Humans suffered less from disease on average before the agricultural revolution.
A crown
Which of the following empires ruled over the largest area of land?
The British empire
The Ottoman Empire
The Roman empire
The Russian Empire
A map of Europe
Who of the following leaders united most of eastern Europe for the first time since the Roman period?
Napoleon Bonaparte
George Washington
Alexander the Great
Charles the Great
A woman looking upset and sitting in front of a book with her head in her hand
Try again - for now, you've failed this history test
It may be that you didn’t really like history as a school child because most of your answers in this test were wrong. If you'd like, you can try you’re your luck again, maybe the next time you’ll score higher, and who knows - maybe even get a perfect score.
A smiling woman with a raised thumb
Well done - you're quite the history buff
You answered most of the questions in this test correctly, and we have to hand it to you, it wasn’t an easy quiz! You’ve shown that you have a lot of historical knowledge, however, there were still some questions that you answered incorrectly. You can review your answers to see which questions you got wrong so that you can learn a bit more about the world’s history and improve your general knowledge.
A smiling woman with two thumbs up
Good job - could you be a historian?
It’s hard for us to believe that ordinary people were able to achieve such a score on this quiz, and if this is indeed your first attempt, we can only take our hats off to you. You definitely carry a lot of historical knowledge, and now you're welcome to share your score with your friends and challenge them to try and get through this t4est themselves!
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