What Color Gives You Energy?

If you've done any of our color quizzes you probably already know that colors have a weird but undeniably powerful connection to our inner psyche and spirit. Sometimes it's as simple as representing something we love, sometimes it's a key to understanding ourselves better. But when we start looking into the kingdom of color and its various interpretations and myriad connections to our inner selves, we find a world of meaning and often quite a bit of truth. This color quiz asks a simple question: What color give you inner power? In other words - What color give you the energy to be you?
a blue entrance door
Where would you rather live?
urban landscape
In a big city
house in a field
Out in the sticks
By the ocean
musical notes
Which of these musical styles do you like the most?
Classic Rock
Classical Music
Heavy Rock
woman happy in sunset
Which of these gives you the most satisfaction?
Passionate Relationship
Creating Something
Seeing other people happy
Being out in nature
Achieving peace of mind
Luxury items
Quiet and privacy
woman on bed throwing around books
Which of these gets in the way of your peace of mind the most?
Feeling unwanted
When someone stops me from doing what I want
Seeing others suffer
Being around fake people
Being in a messy environment
Not having enough money
Losing control over my life
Which of these animals do you feel the most connected to?
silhouette of woman jumping during sunset
Which of these did you always desire most?
Endless love
Sharing my vision with the world
To simply be happy
To go on an endless adventure
Be rich
Being completely independent
two girls gossiping about a third
Do you care what other people think about you?
Depends who they are
three girls lying in the grass heads together
Who do you like spending your spare time with?
My partner/spouse
My best friends
With anyone happy to be with me
My pets
My family
People who can push me towards my goals
With myself
Day and night
Are you a morning person or a night person?
Morning Person
Night Person
table with glasses, pages and a potted plant
If you could have had a career in a different profession, which of these would you pick?
Life Coach
Life Guard
CEO of a big company
Anything as long as I'm my own boss
glasses and bottles
Choose a drink...
Red wine
Red Wine
woman handing a glass of orange juice
Orange Juice
glass of water with a slice of lemon
Water with Lemon
green tea in a cup
Green Tea
water poured from bottle to glass
Bottled Water
Cocktail glass
black coffee cup with coffee beans
Strong Coffee
Drawings of a tree in all seasons
What is your favorite season?
Woman standing in a field of sunflowers
trees in the snow
fall trees
Your Power Color is Red
The color red is an especially energetic color, whether physical or mental. It is the color of our blood and our hearts, the motivation that springs us forward into the love required from intense relationships. But it's also a dangerous color, since the other side of the coin is destructive energy, war, sacrifice and aggression. The color red reminds us of our mortality and our need to live hotly in the now and celebrate our mortality and humanity - and this is the source of your inner strength, whether you live as a regular person or try to live a life that is beyond it - you relish the energy.
Your Power Color is Orange
The color orange reflects creativity, imagination and ingenuity. It's not a common color and so it symbolizes your uniqueness in a world already filled with strange and exotic people. The fact that your color is orange shows you have a talent to read other people's emotions and even see talent in others - you're an excellent judge of character and would probably make a great teacher. Orange is a strong color and impossible to ignore, and the favorite color of some famous painters. It gives you the power to be creative and that is what truly fuels your inner heart of hearts.
Your Power Color is Yellow
The color yellow symbolizes social skills, a young spirit and a feeling of connectedness. Along the breadth of history people have used the color yellow to enrich the feeling of happiness, and you're definitely a person who loves smiling. Some may think you naive or innocent, but you just choose to be happy instead of spending energies on negative emotions or get worked up by things that don't really matter to you. You choose to help others when you can, but you are also cautious by nature. The color yellow, whether you live with it around you or not, is the color that powers your sense of happiness.
Your Power Color is Green
The color green reflects nature, journey and life itself. It is one of the most abundant colors on our planet, since it can be found almost everywhere life is. You have a strong link to this color, perhaps you yourself are very connected to nature. Perhaps that explains who you are - a person who detests lies, deception, and deceptive people. More than any other color, green is a straightforward, life-giving color. There is no room for lies in the realm of pure life, and that is where you draw your strength from.
Your Power Color is Blue
The color blue symbolizes peace, tranquility and self assurance. It's a color that helps calm the mind and spirit and it has a lot of influence on you. This color exists in the sky and the seas from time immemorial, and the thought of the huge expanses around you and that you are a tiny creature in a gigantic universe - actually helps relax you and reduce your anxiety. It doesn't matter if you surround yourself in blue or just like to stare at the sky, blue is the color that keeps you tranquil and reminds you that pressure is only in the mind, and it's much better to be peaceful.
Your Power Color is Purple
The color purple symbolizes wisdom, prestige and dignity. Purple has been used extensively with royal families and emperors throughout history. For you, this color represents success at all costs in achieving your personal goals. You have a lot of self confidence, which some may take as arrogance, but in fact it is the characteristic that gives you the power to do well and fulfill your potential. You've gone through hard things in your life and you know what it's like to be at rock bottom, but you've never given up and always knew you have what it takes. Whether you actually wear purple or just imagine it, it's the color that gives you the strength to achieve your dreams.
Your Power Color is Black
The color black represents privacy, intelligence, sophistication and mysteriousness. The fact that this is your color means you are definitely not a follow-the-trend kind of person, and your uniqueness is a source of pride for you. Black often symbolizes the fact that nothing is certain in life, and you use this fact for strength unlike some other people who fear it. It's a strong, independent color that doesn't always play well with others, yet this color is the source of your strength.
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