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When Nature Went That Extra Mile to Make Something Special

We all know what incredible marvels Mother Nature is capable of producing. But in this collection, you will get to see some of the strangest things spotted in the wild. From a phenomenon called “hair ice” to a cat with tons of extra toe beans, these pictures show the many amazing anomalies of Mother Nature that will keep you fascinated. Take a look.

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1. An owl that perfectly blends in with a tree.

Anomalies of Mother Nature, owl

2. These berries are growing right in the cracks of this rock.

Anomalies of Mother Nature, berries

3. A unique cross-section of a Flying Spider-monkey Tree Fern (Cyathea lepifera).

Anomalies of Mother Nature, Flying Spider-monkey Tree Fern

4. Tree of life, Lake Cakora, Australia. It's a type of tea tree lake that is known to be incredibly clean and has natural medicinal properties. 

Anomalies of Mother Nature, tea tree lake

5. This hermit crab found in Okinawa, Japan, is so gorgeous! 

Anomalies of Mother Nature, hermit crab

6. Sometimes, it gets so bitterly cold in Poland that even the whiskers of some seals freeze! 

Anomalies of Mother Nature, seals

7. This adorable little creature is a sea slug and belongs to the wild group of mollusks called nudibranchs. They have been affectionately dubbed “sea bunnies” and rightly so!

Anomalies of Mother Nature, a sea slug

8. This rock has a shell inside it and it’s been worn away to a flat spiral in appearance.

Anomalies of Mother Nature, rock 

9. This squash is comically long. It just doesn't appear to end! 

Anomalies of Mother Nature, pumpkin

10. Look at the eyelashes of this cute dog! 

Anomalies of Mother Nature,  cute dog!

11. A tree during a wildfire.

Anomalies of Mother Nature, tree

12. "Hair ice"  is a rare type of ice formation that forms on dead wood and takes the shape of fine, silky hair.  Also known as ice wool or frost beard, its strange shape is caused by a fungus called Exidiopsis effusa and it only grows on humid winter nights when the temperature is just below 0°C. 

Anomalies of Mother Nature, Hair ice

13. This buff-tip moth, found throughout Europe and in Asia to eastern Siberia, has perfectly blended as birch wood.

Anomalies of Mother Nature, buff-tip moth

14.This butterfly is staring directly at you! 

Anomalies of Mother Nature, butterfly

15. This is a polydactyl cat. These cats are born with more than the usual number of toes on their paws. Isn't that amazing?!

Anomalies of Mother Nature,  polydactyl cat
Source of all images: The Chive

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