Whilst Jokes

One of my neighbours was stealing things from the local supermarket whilst sitting on the shoulders of two vampires. He was charged with shoplifting on two counts.
There once was a gal from Cancun,
Who had a most curious poon.
T'was coarse like a thistle,
But tight as a whistle,
And whilst cumming, could play you a tune.
My dad died on Thanksgiving whilst eating dinner.
Fowl play was suspected.
Whilst holidaying in France I saw a group of mushrooms performing Queen covers.
I said 'You're brilliant, what's the band called?'
They replied 'We are the Champignons."
What did the father say whilst teaching his kid to tie his shoelaces?
Knot bad
Santa hit a dragon and killed it whilst flying over medieval England...
... guess you could say he sleighed it
Local glass blower inhaled whilst working. He ended up with a pane in his stomach.
My wife, whilst trying to brush my son's hair, told him he was having a bad hair day.
My son replied, "Oh, is it being knotty?"
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