You cannot strike it, if you don’t try it.
Bowlers do not make good employees. This is because for 80% of the time, they are always going on strike.
The bowling solder decided to launch a pre-emptive strike.
The last time I wanted to go bowling, all the pins were on strike. So I just stayed at home and watched TV instead.
My favorite sport is bowling cause I always strike out with girls.
What did the bowling pins do?
They went on strike.
Why are football players not allowed in bowling alleys?
After getting a strike, they spike the ball.
What is the difference between Barry Zito and bowling icon Walter Ray Williams, Jr.?
Walter Ray Williams, Jr. knows how to throw a strike.
What do you do if your nose goes on strike?
Why was the mother rattlesnake sad?
The time had come for her children to strike out on their own.
Why did the bees go on strike? Because they wanted more honey and shorter working flowers.
Why did the vampire strike out?
He used the wrong bat.
Why don't matches play baseball?
Because one strike, and they're out.
Why don't baseball players join unions?
They don't like to be called out on strike.