Shore Jokes

The thought of you makes me redder than the sands at North Shore.
Why don't pirates shower before walking the plank?
Because they washup on shore.
Dad: “Son, your mother and I are thinking about moving to a square island.”
Son: “Wow really? Can I come too?”

Dad: “Four shore!”
What kind of melody does a ship makes when if it crashes on shore?
A wreck-quiem.
What did the Ocean say to the shore?
Nothing. It just waved.
Why is the ocean always blue?
Because the shore never waves back.
Where’s the best beach to buy sports gear at?
Jersey Shore.
I asked the land beside the ocean if he was certain he wasn't beach.
But he was pretty shore.
Lost at sea? I'm not shore.
We are thinking of spending the night at the peach house, by the shore.
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