Shadow Jokes

Why did the girl bring lipstick and eye shadow to school? She had a make-up exam!
What stays on the ground but never gets dirty? Shadow.
What is the same shape and size as a sequoia tree, but weighs nothing at all? The tree’s shadow.
What is as big as a steam locomotive, but weighs nothing? Its shadow.
What's as big as a dinosaur but weighs nothing? Her shadow!
Opening a new shadow puppet theatre. Business plan says we'll make a fortune, but those are just projected figures.
Why did the model bring her lipstick and eye shadow to school?
Because she had a make-up exam!
What is just as big as a gorilla but literally weighs nothing?
A gorilla's shadow.
Chuck Norris used to beat up his shadow because it was following too close. It now stands 15 feet behind him.
Yo mama so fat her shadow weighs 35 pounds.
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