Saved Jokes

There was an Old Man of the North,
Who fell into a basin of broth;
But a laudable cook,
Fished him out with a hook,
Which saved that Old Man of the North.
Goldfish Is Saved From Drowning
I saved the exact location of my toilet on my computer.
It's labelled as my 'I Pee' address.
“My relationships with my cats have saved me from a deadly, pervasive ignorance.”

- William S. Burroughs.
I like my girls like I like my Microsoft Word documents - Saved.
Is this seat saved? Because I am.
I saved a tiny baby crow and now he won't leave, I guess you could say he's mi-cro.
Two cowboys are lost in the desert. One cowboy sees a tree that’s draped in bacon. “A bacon tree ! We’re saved!” He says. He runs to the tree and is shot up with bullets.
It wasn’t a bacon tree, it was a ham bush.
My computer crashed and I lost all the notes I'd saved for the book I'm working on called "1,001 cures for itches."
I guess I'll have to start again from scratch.
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