Orange Jokes

How do you celebrate orange drink that doesn't expire?
Woo! Tang is forever!
The orange juice industry is not doing very well.
Tomorrow they will give a special press release.
Did you hear that they're trying to convict an orange?
It got wrapped up in appeal.
What's the difference between French fries and orange juice?
You can make orange juice out of orange, but not French fries out of French
What do you call a male orange?
What do you get when an Elephant sits on an Orange?
Orange squash.
What do you call a fruit riding a motorcycle? – An Orange County Chopper.
People say nothing rhymes with orange. It seems very strange to me.
The reason orange juice doesn’t slide well on hard wood floors is Because of pulp friction.
I’ve got a great idea for an automatic orange peeling machine I hope it bares fruit.
Tobacco companies have made an orange flavored cigarette. They call it “Nico-tang”
You shouldn’t put orange slices in your beer. Well, maybe once in a Blue Moon.
Q: What did the old orange see before it died?
A: The grim ripe-r.
Q: Why couldn’t the orange believe that her friend had let her down?
A: This was because citrus-ted him!
Q: Why did the orange cross the road?
A: Because everyone thought he was a chicken.
The Mute German Boy An American couple decided to adopt a little German boy. After two years, the child doesn’t speak and his parents start to worry about him. After three years, he still has not spoken and after four years, he has yet to utter a word. The American couple figure he is never going to speak but he is still a lovely child, and on his next birthday, they threw him a party and made him a chocolate cake with orange icing. The parents are in the kitchen when the boy comes in and says, “Mother, Father, I do not care for the orange icing on the chocolate cake.” My God,” says his mother. “You can speak?” To which the German boy replies, “Of course.” "How come you've never spoken before?“ asks his father. “Vell,” says the boy, “up until now, everything has been satisfactory.”
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