Letting Jokes

There once was maid name of Olga,
whoes resume read rather vulga
the things she could do,
from basement to flue,
without ever letting go of ya
We are 11 days into self-isolation ands it is really upsetting me to witness my wife standing at the living room window gazing aimlessly into space with tears running down her cheeks.
Don’t get me wrong, I empathize with her. I’ve considered letting her in many times, but rules are rules.
A couple years ago my therapist told me I had problems letting go of the past.
My office chair broke. It’s letting me down.
A couple decades ago my therapist told me I had problems letting go of the past.
My girlfriend and I agreed to try some roleplay in the sack, but right at the end she screamed out the wrong name!
That's the last time I'm ever letting her wear her Starbucks uniform in bed.
The tea pot sounds so angry!
Nah, its just letting off some steam.
After letting elephant dung dry in the sun, it's nearly indestructible.
In fact, I'd say it's pretty heavy doody.
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Fangs who?
Fangs for letting me in!
I'd advise against letting a vampire drive you home after a Halloween party. They never check their mirrors, it will drive you batty.
To the woman who keeps pounding on my door at night:
I'm not letting you out.
My son was thrown out of school today for letting a girl in his class wank him off. I said “son, that’s three schools this year...
...maybe teaching isn’t for you.”
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