If ice cream could be grown on the tree top,
Tiny tummies would be liking it lots.
Any fruit flavour
For all to savour.
Do stop by at the ice cream tree shop.

If only the trees could grow lollipops
With a sharp tangy taste of lemon drops.
Lolly licky-lick
With a zingy twist.
Come along with a skip and a hop.

If chocolate heaven grew on tree leaf,
Bountiful, tempting, delicious to eat,
A smooth, silky, treat
In a chocy feast.
If only they weren't so out of reach.

If bubblegum grew upon trees that blew
Bubbles in the air, to catch and to chew.
Be nimble, be quick;
Remember the trick.
Don't swallow, because gum sticks like glue.

All are welcome at the Candy Tree Shops.
Feast your eyes on all the goodies they've got.
There are enough treats
For all down the streets,
So come and join the jiggery-jog.

(By Beryl L Edmonds)
Why did the koala bear eat so much eucalyptus? He simply couldn’t leaf it alone.
Take a page from the book and leaf.
What do you get when you cross a rabbit with a leaf blower? A hare dryer!
My leaf blower doesn’t work.
It just sucks!
What do trees write on? Loose leaf paper.
Why was the sapling crying to her mom? She said the big trees wouldn’t leaf her alone.
What do you call a martial arts expert in a tree?
Bruce Leaf.
What did Betula pendula tell her little sister when she was annoyed? Leaf me alone, birch.
I fernly beleaf my tree puns are qualitree, you can leaf me alone if you disagreen.
I wood never leaf you.
What did one leaf say to the other leaf?
I’ve fallen for you.
"I wood never leaf you."
Did you hear about one flower who went on a date with another flower?
It’s a budding romance.

What does a flower say when they’re offering you a job?
Take it or leaf it.

Did you hear about the flower who was struck in a hit and run?
She was leafed for dead.