Jam Jokes

The Same Old Sandwich There was a Redhead man, a Bald Man and a Blond man working on the top of a cliff. The Redhead said, "You know, every day it's the same sandwich my wife makes me. I'm so sick of it. If I have cheese in my sandwich tomorrow, I'll jump off this cliff." The Bald man said, "Right there with you my friend. If I have jam in my sandwich tomorrow, I'll jump off the cliff." The Blond man said, "With you all the way chaps, If I have ham tomorrow, I'll jump off the cliff." The next day, the Redhead man had cheese, the Bald man had ham, and the Blond man had jam. So they all jumped. At the funerals, the wives of the Redhead man and the bald man said, "Why didn't they just TELL us they didn't like their sandwiches??" The Blond's wife said in tears, "I don't understand it... He made his own sandwiches!"
Q: What do you get when you walk around with cherries in your shoes?
A: Toe jam.
What did one cherry say to the other cherry? If you weren't so tasty we wouldn't be in this jam.
What do prison tennis matches and strawberry jam have in common?
On Father's Day my family went strawberry picking. Later on, we decided to make a jam...
...from the fruits of our labor
One strawberry said to the other, “Were it not that you were so sweet, you wouldn’t have ended up in this jam.”
When the strawberry's favorite song came on, he exclaimed "That's my jam!"
Tennis matches and strawberry jam have one thing in common. Cons-serve.
On Mother's Day we went strawberry picking and made a jam from the fruits of our labor.
The jam bank went bankrupt because of the series of strobberies in the last quarter.
The baby strawberries were berry upset when they heard that both their parents were in the jam.
Strawberries are great musicians because they make perfect jam sessions.
I saw a strawberry with a gun, robbing a man. I am guessing he was in a jam.
A strawberry screamed at the other, "Were it not that ripe, we wouldn't have ended up in this jam."
Why was Officer Peanut Butter out in the road? Because he was directing a traffic jam.
Why was there peanut butter in the middle of the road?
It went with the traffic jam.
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