Imagination Jokes

What do you call an imaginary pig? A pig-ment of your imagination.
Dreaming in color is the artist's pigment of imagination.
It's weird being colorblind in an art gallery. Everything's a pigment of the imagination.
What do you call an imaginary color?
A pigment of your imagination.
I could have sworn that my skin had changed color
But it was just a pigment of my imagination.
I imagined I saw a rainbow but it must have been a pigment of our imagination.
I have a flamingo friend who has a fantastic imagination, but they are always indulging in flights of fancy.
I have a spouse in a different nation.
The Imagination.
As I lay cozy, all snug in my bed,
I enjoy the imagination inside my head
Until I hear racket beside my bed.
It's my 5:00 alarm!

I quickly silent you, you annoying alarm.
Then we SNOOZE together and let dreams carry on.
Enjoying the peace, then I'll be darned;
It's my 5:15 reminder!

Now I hush the ringing of my reminder.
Ok Alarm, let's put that behind us.
Eyes just shut, but here goes that timer
It's 7:20. I'm late!!!

(By Demecia Dean)
If your imagination hits peak high and you combine a toadstool and a suitcase, you won’t have mushroom for your vacation clothes.
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