Dock Jokes

After buying grocers, I sat on the San Francisco pier and pondered life. My laundry detergent tipped over...
Now I’m sittin on the dock of a bay, watching my Tide roll away.
Have you ever driven a boat? Try to park it on my dock.
Q: Where does a boat go when it's sick?
A: To the dock!
The dock keeps floating above the river because of the pier- pressure.
My friend sailed his yacht into the wharf very rapidly, crashing into the dock and causing a dent in the hull.
It's just a berth mark, he swears.
Did you hear about the boat dock that committed murder?
He’s going to be judged by a jury of its piers.
I took my boat out to go fishing today. I looked over and saw my neighbor’s dock was parallel to mine.
I guess I found my self in a real “para-docks”
Where do boats go when they feel sick?
To the dock.
Working as a dock hand is hard,
but it's wharf it.
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