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A Zero-Waste Eco-Hotel is Coming up in the Philippines

Imagine yourself relaxing in a massive and beautiful resort that has rotating apartment towers, massive shell-shaped hotels, and a handsome spiral layout in a coastal lagoon. Moreover, it’s also zero-emission, zero-waste, and zero poverty! Sounds too good to be true, right? If architect Vincent Callebaut is to be believed, a project exactly like this will become a reality in the not too distant future. 
Named the "Nautilus Eco-Resort,” this futuristic hotel is going to be built in the Philippines, and it is inspired by the shapes, structures, and intelligence of materials that exist in living beings and indigenous ecosystems. The resort is going to be built from recycled materials found on the islands and will be able to accommodate over 500 guests at a time. The design also utilizes sustainable materials like bio-concrete.
Let's take a look at the stunning pictures of the conceptual resort and understand more about its unique features. 
Futuristic Eco-Friendly Resort, overview
Futuristic Eco-Friendly Resort, lagoon
Futuristic Eco-Friendly Resort, towers
Futuristic Eco-Friendly Resort, buildings

What is the goal of this mega project?

Apart from giving people a nice place to relax, the idea behind this project is to combine architecture and ecology into one design. The designer was concerned with the environmental threats to the Philippines, so he came up with a plan that includes several renewable energy sources like tidal and solar energy. Moreover, any surplus energy will be connected to the local grid and provided to the community. 
“In a world that is shrinking, the Nautilus Eco-Resort project wants to extend the field of action of a triple-zero eco-tourism: zero-emission, zero-waste, zero poverty,” explains Vincent Callebaut. “Discover the world without distorting it. Revitalize ecosystems instead of impoverishing and polluting them. Actively participate in the restoration of cultural heritage.”
Futuristic Eco-Friendly Resort, lagoon
Futuristic Eco-Friendly Resort, hotel
Futuristic Eco-Friendly Resort, pool
Futuristic Eco-Friendly Resort, relaxing
Futuristic Eco-Friendly Resort, hotel premises
Futuristic Eco-Friendly Resort, poolside

What are some of the other unique features of this eco-resort?

* Two main architectural entities – shell-shaped hotels and rotating apartment towers – will show up alongside two golden spirals as a symbol of balance and harmony.
* The hotels will also have exhibitions concentrated on the local climate- and environmental issues. The masterminds behind this project believe this is important to the Philippines, as the islands in the Western Pacific are currently under threat of pollution, mass tourism, over-fishing, and climate change. Visitors will even be asked to help out with collecting garbage!
* Small towers will be placed in three branches with views overlooking the landscape. They will also have the best access to sunlight throughout the day.
* There will be pavilions inside representing petals and corals. These will serve as a space for scientists to work with marine life to improve biodiversity.
* An origami mountain comprised of laboratories and swimming areas will be situated at the center of the lagoon. The designer hopes that this will encourage tourists and scientists to interact.
* Guests will only be able to reach the premises by sailing there or using electric boats to prevent the imposition of road infrastructure.
Futuristic Eco-Friendly Resort, pavilions
Futuristic Eco-Friendly Resort, lounge
Vincent Callebaut has been part of various similar projects in the past that might inspire you. Check out his plans for a DNA-shaped building in Taiwan as well as the Dragonfly Skyscraper in New York.
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