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These Are Some of the WEIRDEST Art Objects Ever – 13 Pics

It’s not every day you come across a giant chicken wing sculpture. No, we aren’t talking about people’s weird dreams here. As strange as it may sound, this thing actually exists. And so do things like a drawer building, a teacup chandelier, and chicken soup popsicles. In this post, we look at many such bizarre art objects that are extravagantly creative. 

1. A unique sculpture in front of a museum in Germany

WEIRDEST Art Objects, sculpture 

2. Now that's a cup you don't see every day 

WEIRDEST Art Objects, cup

3. Giant drawer building in Bogotá, Colombia

WEIRDEST Art Objects, drawer building

4. A sculpture of a hand using a feather to tickle a foot

WEIRDEST Art Objects, sculpture

5. Hotdog and ketchup candles

WEIRDEST Art Objects, candles

6. This is such a weird-looking chair!

WEIRDEST Art Objects, chair

7. Folding dinner table

WEIRDEST Art Objects, Folding dinner table

8. Have you ever seen a chicken wing sculpture before? 

WEIRDEST Art Objects, chicken wing sculpture

9. And speaking of chickens, here are a couple of chicken soup popsicles!

WEIRDEST Art Objects, chicken soup popsicles

10. A ceramic cup that looks like a plastic cup that has ants on it

WEIRDEST Art Objects, ceramic cup

11. Teacup chandelier

WEIRDEST Art Objects, Teacup chandelier

12. A bicycle seat with extra ’support’

WEIRDEST Art Objects,  bicycle seat

13. A cat-shaped mosquito coil holder

WEIRDEST Art Objects, cat-shaped mosquito coil holder
All images source: Izismile
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