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Which of These Clever Inventions Would Be Useful to You?

We are surrounded by more unique and innovative designs than we know. From smart TVs and wireless chargers to cool kitchen gadgets to devices that make communication more comfortable, you cannot escape the variety of inventions hitting our life every year. However, unique and brilliant designs don't necessarily have to be something groundbreaking. Sometimes the best designs and inventions can come from the simplest of ideas.

You will get to see some really clever inventions and designs you didn't even know you ever needed in the images below. From a pizza box that turns into a table to a pill bottle lid that lets you know you when you last opened it, these unique designs should be used in every city of the world to make people's lives simpler. 

1. This pizza box turns into a tray for eating in bed. Quite convenient, huh?

Creative Design Ideas, pizza box

2. This Chinese hotel provides a card to every customer to give to your taxi driver so that you can find your way back.

Creative Design Ideas, card

3. These chairs have room for your gloves, helmet, hat, and more...

Creative Design Ideas, chairs

4. A hotel with a mirror that tells the weather!

Creative Design Ideas, mirror

5. Someone added a stand to their spatula so that the bit that touches your food doesn’t touch the counter.

Creative Design Ideas, spatula

6. An umbrella rack that comes with locks and keys. Now you will never lose an umbrella!

Creative Design Ideas,

7. A bedside clock that has displays on three sides. So, you can get a view of the time from whatever angle you look at it.

Creative Design Ideas, bedside clock

8. This sewing kit comes with the needles pre-threaded. Wouldn't this make your job so much easier?

Creative Design Ideas, sewing kit

9. This hotel in Ukraine tells you which day it is by changing the elevator carpet every day.

Creative Design Ideas, elevator carpet

10.  This shower has a light to let you know if it’s too hot or cold.

Creative Design Ideas,

11. An airport bathroom has put up lights to show you which stalls are free.

Creative Design Ideas,  airport bathroom

12. An elevator with foot buttons. For those who don't wish to use their fingers on the buttons or fear that they might get infected.

Creative Design Ideas, elevator with foot buttons

13. A toilet at a new house has a built-in, smaller kid seat. Very useful for families with little kids.

Creative Design Ideas, toilet

14. Reversible public benches! You have the option of facing the people or the boats...

Creative Design Ideas, public benches

15. A pill bottle lid that lets you know you when you last opened it. Would be so useful for those who have to take regular medicines.

Creative Design Ideas, pill bottle
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