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These Perfectly-Timed Shots Created Memorable Moments

Sometimes, photos are all about the perfect timing; even a second here or there can ruin their impact. And at other times, photographers get lucky to create perfectly-timed shots that they haven't even intended to capture. Here, we share 14 amazing pictures that were taken just at the right moment. They look so captivating you’ll wish you had taken them yourself…

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1. A crescent moon above Tokyo’s Skytree.

Perfectly-Timed Shots, crescent moon

2. The road to heaven!

Perfectly-Timed Shots, LANDSCAPE

3. Imagine being so close to a dolphin all of a sudden!

Perfectly-Timed Shots, dolphin

4. This cat appears to be taking a giant leap across two skyscrapers...

Perfectly-Timed Shots, cat

5. Would anyone like a bowl of cloud rice?

Perfectly-Timed Shots, bowl

6. A perfectly-timed shot at a concert, just as the lights changed.

Perfectly-Timed Shots, concert

7. Nighttime fog above a city.

Perfectly-Timed Shots, fog

8. A picture of a car bumper taken a few seconds after a crash. It looks like it belongs to a car coming from another dimension and just entering ours.

Perfectly-Timed Shots, car bumper

9. This dog in Puerto Rico relaxes at this very spot every day. The locals painted this mural and made sure to include the dog in it.

Perfectly-Timed Shots, dog 

10. A wasp captured right in front of this man's eye makes it look like he has golden eyes! 

Perfectly-Timed Shots,  golden eyes

11. A seagull decided to forcefully make its way into the frame just as the picture was being taken.

Perfectly-Timed Shots, seagull

12. This perfect action shot was taken by accident.

Perfectly-Timed Shots, birds

13. When the sky and the sea combine in perfect harmony...

Perfectly-Timed Shots, sea, sky, sun

14. An insane level of coincidence! 

Perfectly Timed Photos of Dogs,

All images source: Acid Cow
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