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10 Ways to Upcycle and Reuse a Shower Curtain

Shower curtain liners, often referred to simply as shower curtains, can easily get worn or moldy, even if your bathroom is well ventilated. If it's a good-quality shower curtain, we urge you to clean it in cold water or even manually scrub it and give it a quick rinse, as demonstrated in the video below. But even if you decided to discard the shower curtain, there is one more stop before it can go in the trash. You can easily reuse it at least once more. Here are 10 ideas.
First and foremost, here's how you should clean the liner:

And now, here's how to upcycle it:

1. You can use the liner as a dropcloth when making car repairs or when painting a piece of furniture in the garage.

2. Use it as a dropcloth for toddler activities: place the curtain under the table when they eat or do messy art projects. They can even paint on the curtain liner!

3. Use it as a drop cloth the next time you decide to paint the walls. Better yet, use it as a smock by simply cutting a hole in the middle for your head and tying it around your waist with a piece of string.

4. Use the shower curtain as a liner for your picnic blanket if the grass is too wet.

5. Place it under an air mattress or tent when camping for extra protection. It can be used as a mattress protector indoors.

dirty shower curtain

6. Protect outdoor furniture from the rain by covering it with the shower curtain liner. You can tie it down so that it doesn't fly off in the wind.

7. For gardening lovers: line your soil with the shower curtain before mulching to keep weeds at bay.

8. Summertime tip: make your toddler a mini pool in the sand by digging a hole and lining it with the curtain.

9. Make your placemats waterproof by cutting the curtain and gluing it on with a hot glue gun.

10. Instantly pet-proof car seats.

H/T: LifeHacker, GoodHouseKeeping.

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