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Work Safety? Never Heard of It!

 Building and fixing things is hard and complicated as is. But if you don’t know what you’re doing or follow poor guidance, it can also be quite dangerous. So, before you start a construction project, make sure that you’ve got the work safety aspect figured out. If you don't, you might end up like these poor souls.
One thing we can say with certainty: the people involved in these construction fails and work safety violations have never heard of the phrase “Safety First!”

1. That looks absolutely terrifying!

Work Safety Fails truck
Image Source: thechive

2. This couldn't possibly be the best way to fix this dam

Work Safety Fails dam
Image Source: thechive

3. For the record, this is how you should NEVER clear the snow from a roof

Work Safety Fails clear the snow from a roof
Image Source: Reddit
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4. Changing street lights, circa 1910

Work Safety Fails Changing street lights, circa 1910
Image Source: Reddit

5. What? How? And most importantly, why?

Work Safety Fails elevator light switch
Image Source: thechive

6. Whoever laid these pipes has no idea how a rainwater downpipe works

Work Safety Fails rainwater downpipe
Image Source: thechive

7. If you ever decide to snap a photo with your coworkers, please don't do what these shortsighted souls did...

Work Safety Fails portrait skyscrapers
Image Source: thechive

8. Who needs a limo when you have a tractor?!

Work Safety Fails tractor wedding
Image Source: thechive

9. This looks perfectly safe, yup!

Work Safety Fails forklift hanging by a tractor
Image Source: thechive

10. Creative solutions are not always the best solutions...

Work Safety Fails wheel
Image Source: thechive
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11. I just hope it wasn't a windy day...

Work Safety Fails electricity repair pole
Image Source: thechive

12. I really want to un-see this picture

Work Safety Fails concrete laying
Image Source: thechive

13. Welding helmets are for people who don't have empty glass bottles

Work Safety Fails Welding bottles
Image Source: thechive
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14. I wonder which TV program is worth such high risks? 

Work Safety Fails TV antenna
Image Source: thechive

15. When you're a construction worker, but your heart belongs to Broadway

Work Safety Fails hanging
Image Source: thechive
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