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Looking for a New Hobby? Learn How to Crochet

Learning a new skill or adopting a new hobby has tremendous health benefits. Crocheting is a great hobby, in my opinion, as it is a crafty skill. If you're a skilled crocheter, you can make your own clothes, bags, toys, and blankets. It is also a great meditative skill; once you get the gist, you'll be amazed to discover how soothing it is to crochet in the early winter evenings. Crocheting is also a great way to develop and practice fine motor skills. 
But be ready - like any new skill you learn on your own, this will be no easy venture. You might stop after the first video, thinking, "this is too much," but some patience is all it takes. Be patient, practice a little every day, and trust the process. What starts like a shapeless jumble of stitches may soon become a beautiful project. Good luck! 



The basic stitches

Having combed the internet in search of the perfect crochet tutorial, I can safely say that this one beats them all. You will learn how to start every crochet project and familiarize yourself with three basic, widely used stitches. I always go back to this one, and I'm sure you will too.

How to choose yarn

How do you choose yarn? What are the terms used to describe yarn thickness? This video will try to help you navigate the confusing new language of yarn. I recommend watching it before you purchase any of it. If you don't want to commit to a full yarn stash, start with a 4 mm hook and a DK yarn. 

How to slip stitch

This stitch is used to close a crochet circle, to join pieces of a project together, and to move along your project quickly without adding height. It is a very useful technique. In patterns, it will be marked SL ST. 

Waffle stitch

Your first project! In this video, you will learn the waffle stitch. At the end of the video, you will have a small washcloth, but this stitch can also be used to make a lovely blanket or shawl, depending on the yarn you choose. Good luck!

Magic circle

After you've learned to crochet in rows, you can explore crocheting in circles. There are several ways to start a crochet circle, but the most elegant is the magic circle. A challenge for beginners and crochet veterans alike, this is another good video to come back to time and time again.

Granny Square

Granny squares are a symbol of crocheting. They are as versatile as can be - kind of like building blocks. You can join several squares together to make a bag, a blanket, or even a jacket if you're that experienced! Here you will also learn to add a new yarn color. 
Another branch of crochet is amigurumi - crocheted dolls and stuffed animals. Mastering amigurumi is easier than it seems. You only need to use the simplest crochet stitches. This video will also help you decipher crochet patterns for you to try other patterns on your own at home.
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