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Welcome to the Cute and Hilarious World of Child Logic

 As a parent, you learn very quickly that some of the things a child does - like taking a nap on a drawing of a pillow or sitting in a bucket of water next to an actual swimming pool - simply cannot be explained. As a grandparent, you then learn that all these cute and funny quirks are normal. They're just part of a child's endlessly inquisitive and creative logic. Moreover, you also know that such hilarious moments are sure to become precious family memories and will be told and retold for decades to come.
Below, we will show you 15 hilarious family pictures and stories of this phenomenon known as "child logic" that are sure to overwhelm you with their cuteness and hilarity!

1. This 2-year-old drew a picture of a pillow with chalk and then she decided to take a nap, genius!

Child Logic chalk pillow
Image Source: Reddit

2. "I just want everyone to know that my two-year-old insisted on being “pants” for Halloween..."

Child Logic pants costume
Image Source: Twitter

3. "We have 6 beds and my kids still sleep like the grandparents from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory every night."

Child Logic kids sleeping
Image Source: Reddit

4. Clearly, this is the best TV-watching position

Child Logic best TV-watching position
Image Source: Reddit

5. "Lost my kid in Target... found him here"

Child Logic Lost kid
Image Source: Reddit

6. A 4-year-old's solution to watching something that scared her on the tablet

7. Proof that kids have no idea what their legs are doing while they're watching cartoons

Child Logic watching cartoons
Image Source: Twitter

8. "I gave my daughter a mix of dolls and toy cars to play with. This is what happened."

Child Logic cars in bed
Image Source: Reddit

9. What happens when you turn your back on a 3-year-old for 30 seconds

Child Logic 30 seconds
Image Source: Reddit

10. "I don't want to be a superhero or a tiger, I want to be a traffic light"

11. Shopping for clothing with a toddler in a nutshell

Child Logic trying on clothing
Image Source: Reddit

12. This is how ideas for horror movies are born

Child Logic hand waving
Image Source: Reddit

13. Apparently, a pile of legos makes a better bed than... well... an actual bed

Child Logic legos
Image Source: Reddit

14. "My daughter now has a special book. She carries it around everywhere and uses it for everything. The other day she snuck it into the car and tried to take it to daycare. She asks to sleep with it as if it’s a stuffed toy. The book is the official Mr. Boston Guide to Bartending and Drink Mixing."

Child Logic book
Image Source: Reddit

15. Who needs a pool when you have a perfectly good bucket?

Child Logic kid in a bucket
Image Source: Twitter
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