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When People Used Funny DIY Tricks to Simplify Their Lives!

 It’s been proven time and again that if we put our mind to its proper use, we can take great advantage of the things around us to make our lives better. For instance, in these pictures below you will see how the common men and women have employed some ingenious DIY solutions to simplify their lives. From creating a “touchless” dispenser to making a 6-door car, these creative tricks will certainly give you the inspiration to get up and make something resourceful with nifty tricks.

1. Touchless dispenser. Perfect for the current times, right? 

DIY Tricks, dispenser
Image source: Reddit

2. Now that is a Master Lock!

DIY Tricks, Lock
Image source: Reddit

3. You urgently need a mallet at home for disassembling something but don't have one. So, what do you do? Just fasten some rubber bands on a hammer and you have your very own mallet! 

mallet, hammer
Image source: Reddit

4. Rear parking sensors cannot get any more imaginative than this! This is a hilarious way to ensure you don't bump into another car...

DIY Tricks, parking sensors
Image source: Imgur

5. When you ask a welder to fix your car! A little bit of color and cleaning and this would look rather cool.

DIY Tricks, welder, car
Image source: Reddit

6. Weld a hammer into a wrench and voila! Here's presenting the Hammwrench...

DIY Tricks, hammer,  wrench
Image source: Reddit

7. Now, this is just ingenious! 

DIY Tricks, fan
Image source: Reddit

8. A man taped his lawn chair to an electric skateboard and is merrily moving around the streets.

DIY Tricks,  lawn chair to an electric skateboard
Image source: Twitter

9. This might not be the most comfortable motorbike, but it's surely one of the most creative ones to have been built!

DIY Tricks, motorbike
Image source: Reddit

10. This DIY wooden plank ensures that no pesky raccoon would be scrummaging through your trash can at night. 

DIY Tricks, trash can
Image source: Reddit

11. Use a fishing rod to teach your kid baseball! 

DIY Tricks, basketball, fishing rod
Image source: Reddit

12. This guy had wrecked his two cars. So he went ahead and welded the non-wrecked parts to create a 6-door car! Amazing!!!

DIY Tricks, car, 6 door car
Image source: Reddit

13. Looking for a way to add some glamor to your car? Here's some inspiration...

DIY Tricks, car
Image source: Reddit

14. This Chinese restaurant's kitchen is completely walled off with plastic. There's a cardboard flap to pass money while the box on the right works as an airlock with two flaps to pass the food. Talk about using creative hacks to create a perfectly safe environment!

DIY Tricks, Chinese restaurant
Image source: Reddit

15. Now, that's a nifty trick to ensure the dog is protected from escaping through the door. 

DIY Tricks, dog
Image source: Reddit
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