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These Are The Wackiest Toilet Designs We’ve Seen!

  People put a lot of time, money, and thought into designing their dream home. Some want their space to be the most unique and innovative, unlike any other. It seems legitimate and understandable when we think about concept playrooms, bedrooms, and even living rooms. But what would you say about a wacky toilet?

For most of us, the toilet should be mostly functional, clean, and pleasant. But the owners of the toilets in the following photo collection had some different ideas. They put all their resources into designing the most outrageous toilets we’ve seen. The results are... interesting. Some of these designs are more inviting than others, but all of them undoubtedly will make you go ‘wow’ and even give you a good laugh.

1. The most satisfying before and after shot

Outrageous Toilet Designs before and after

2. People with a fear of heights are advised to stay away from the toilet...

Outrageous Toilet Designs heights

3. This is part amazing and part terrifying

Outrageous Toilet Designs machine

4. Get ready for the slopes

Outrageous Toilet Designs ski

5. Futuristic feel

Outrageous Toilet Designs led lighting

6. Plenty of reading material so no one is bored in the bathroom

Outrageous Toilet Designs newspaper

7. Someone is a die-hard Packman fan

Outrageous Toilet Designs packmen

8. A throne fit for a king

Outrageous Toilet Designs throne

9. When you have a concept in mind, go all the way

Outrageous Toilet Designs musical instruments

10. Comfort should always be the first priority

Outrageous Toilet Designs back rest

11. A Labrinth

Outrageous Toilet Designs mirrors

12. If you feel like you're being watched you may not be wrong...

Outrageous Toilet Designs peephole

13. Who said the toilet doesn't need some romantic vibes?

Outrageous Toilet Designs starry floor
Images source: Demilked
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