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The Eerie Beauty of Abandoned European Buildings

 There is a surprisingly large number of abandoned buildings around the world, some of which are left almost completely untouched. Just imagine - luxurious mansions, ancient castles, churches, unfinished hotels, and opulent theaters all left to the elements for years and years, slowly being taken over by nature. Certainly, there is a special, eerie kind of allure in these buildings, one that makes us realize just how fleeting and temporary life really is.
The photos we’re about to show you were taken by Belgian photographer Christophe Van De Walle and his wife, Isabelle, who travel through Europe and photograph rare, untouched abandoned buildings. It takes extensive research to find buildings like these, and the couple makes sure not to disclose the locations to protect their integrity. To view more of Christophe Van De Walle’s photos, you can visit his Website and Instagram page.

1. A French castle in a state of complete disrepair

Abandoned European Buildings by Christophe Van De Walle French castle

2. This beautiful building was planned to be a resort but construction was halted due to economic reasons

3. This villa has been abandoned for decades. Van De Walle writes that even the kitchen cupboards and wardrobes were full. What happened to the owners?

4. A stunning abandoned mansion in France

5. A luxurious yet abandoned castle

6. Inside an abandoned greenhouse

7. “I found these old hearses in an abandoned monastery in Italy.”

8. A long-abandoned power station

9. Nature slowly taking over an abandoned castle in France

10. This synagogue has been abandoned since 1994

11. The owners left everything, even the books and paintings

12. An abandoned villa of a dictator in Portugal

13. A tiny blue room in a big abandoned castle in France

14. This gorgeous Art Nouveau villa overlooks the sea, but a part of it collapsed and the building was abandoned in 1998

15. “One of the most beautiful theaters I saw in Italy. It had been abandoned for many years.”

Abandoned European Buildings by Christophe Van De Walle theater
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