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15 So-Called Fixes That Are SO Bad It’s Funny!

 Usually, a broken pipe or showerhead warrants a call to the plumber, and the lack of baking supplies means you'll just have to wait with the dessert. But not for these out-of-the-box thinkers, who managed to solve the most mundane and easy-to-solve problems in ways the ordinary human brain cannot comprehend. Some may say that these solutions are just plain bad, but we applaud these unconventional inventors and say thanks for making us all giggle!

1. The lack of oven racks is not enough to stop this person's craving for dessert!

Funny Fixes oven racks hangers
Image Source: dumpaday

2. This may not be a fix per se, but it certainly completes the look

Funny Fixes googly eyes
Image Source: izismile

3. There's no object in the universe kids' toys can't fix!

Funny Fixes headphones
Image Source: izismile

4. What's better than bathing thyself in mountain dew?

Funny Fixes mountain dew
Image Source: dumpaday

5. "There, I fixed it!"

Funny Fixes plate
Image Source: izismile

6. Duct tape can fix anything!

Funny Fixes bike
Image Source: dumpaday

7. We must say, this one is kind of genius...

Funny Fixes car fix
Image Source: izismile

8. “The sink drain broke in half, so I fixed it 'temporarily' with a coke can and duct tape”

Funny Fixes drain
Image Source: izismile

9. I mean, if it works, then it works!

Funny Fixes bike pedal
Image Source: dumpaday

10. What we can all take away from this post is that people's sugar cravings are unstoppable

Funny Fixes drill
Image Source: izismile

11. An easy but creative fix!

Funny Fixes shirts shorts
Image Source: reddit

12. Yet another "temporary" fix

Funny Fixes drinking straw
Image Source: dumpaday

13. Now, this one isn't even funny!

Funny Fixes brick column
Image Source: dumpaday

14. You may not think this lucky cat figure has been fixed, but in our book, this is the best fix yet!

Funny Fixes lucky cat
Image Source: izismile

15. ... because hygiene is more important than aesthetics

Funny Fixes soap
Image Source: dumpaday
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