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The Untamed Beauty of Icelandic Horses in 21 Stunning Photos

 Horses are a universal symbol of unrestrained freedom, and also some of the most majestic and beautiful live creatures on the planet. This is probably why so many people are captivated and inspired by the image of a horse roaming through the fields. One of such people is professional photographer Liga Liepina, who has been fascinated by horses since her very childhood. This fascination evolved into a lifelong passion, and the photographer admits that she spends most of her free time taking pictures of majestic equines.
Oh, we nearly forgot to mention that Liga lives in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, the land of Fire and Ice - Iceland, and the photographer is most well known for incorporating the gorgeous Icelandic nature into her equine photography. The results are truly captivating, and we are excited to share 21 of the photographer's best works with you for your viewing pleasure.
You can view more of Liga Liepina's stunning photos by visiting her Facebook or Instagram Page.
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