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15 Winning Images From the World Nature Photography Awards

If you look closely and have a little patience, nature is always amazing and exciting. Of course, not all of us have the time or the patience to sit and admire the surrounding landscape for hours on end. Frankly, you don't have to, as that's exactly why nature photography exists - to capture those rare and special moments with the camera and share them with the world.

And when it comes to nature photos, it just doesn't get better than the prestigious World Nature Photography Awards, the mission of which is, "Celebrating the world’s best nature photographers, as they highlight the wonders of our planet." Every year, competitor photographers from all around the globe submit the best wildlife and nature photos they masterfully captured across 
13 categories. 

Below, we share 15 winning images of the 2020 competition, including the Grand Prize winner - a photo by the Canadian photographer Thomas Vijayan of a Bornean orangutan climbing a tree. Note: to take a closer look at the details in each photo, simply click on the image to enlarge it.
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1. Animal Portraits Winner: “Bath Time” by Nick Dale (UK)

Description: "A Bengal tigress at the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, India."

2020 Nature Photography Awards Nick Dale

2. Plants and Fungi Winner: “Mist at the Swamp” by Doron Talmi (Israel)

Description: "A bald cypress stand in East Texas."

3. People and Nature Winner: “Andre Fajardo Freediving Early One Summer Morning” by Christa Funk (US)

4. Planet Earth’s Landscapes and Environments, Runner-Up: “Before the Storm” by Mustafa Demirors (Sweden)

5. Behaviour – Amphibians and Reptiles Winner: “The Kiss” by Vittorio Ricci (Italy)

Description: "Two European common brown frogs in Aveto Regional Natural Park, Italy."

6. Black and White Winner: “Long Live the King” by Harry Skeggs (UK)

Description: "Ulysses, one of the last remaining “great tuskers,” Kenya."

7. Nature Art Winner: “Glacial Veins” by Dipanjan Pal (India)

Description: "A glacial river in southern Iceland."

8. Urban Wildlife, Runner-Up: “Quiet Kids” by Jocelyn Chng (Singapore)

9. Nature Photojournalism Winner: “21st Century Rhino Conservation” by Gunther De Bruyne (Belgium)

Description: "A white rhino is dehorned to prevent being killed by poachers, a sad but effective strategy of conservation."

10. Behaviour – Invertebrates Winner: “Heart Wheel” by Dr. Tze Siong Tan (Singapore)

11. Behaviour – Mammals, Runner Up: “Muddy Rhino” by Darren Donovan (South Africa)

Description: "White rhino bull in Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa."

12. Behaviour – Mammals Winner: “Lion Fight” by Patrick Nowotny (US) 

Description: "Lionesses in the Serengeti, Tanzania."

13. Behaviour – Birds Winner: “Flying Saucer” by Dale Paul (Canada)

Description: "A great horned owl in High River, Alberta, Canada."

14. Planet Earth’s Landscapes and Environments Winner: “Spirit of the Ice” by Alessandro Gruzza (Italy)

15. The Grand Prize Winner and Animals in their Habitat Winner: “The World is Going Upside Down” by Thomas Vijayan (Canada)

Description: "Bornean orangutan in Tanjung Puting National Park, Borneo."

2020 Nature Photography Awards Thomas Vijayan
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