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15 Collages Depicting the Contrasting Lives Of People

 Digital collage is a neat art form that takes the help of images to communicate complex or deep messages. Uğur Gallenkuş, a self-taught digital artist, has been working on a digital collage series through which he attempts to portray how some people from different regions have completely opposite lives from one another.
In 2015, Gallenkuş was moved by some disturbing images of the Syrian civil war conflict and wanted to make a difference. He chose the digital collage medium. Most of the themes of his collages are centered around serious and gripping subjects like war, the refugee crisis, and poverty. Looking at them, one will be forced to wonder at the stark differences in the lifestyles of people across the world.
1.Contrasting Collages football war
2.Contrasting Collages boat ride poor
3.Contrasting Collages see-saw
4.Contrasting Collages soldier piano
5.Contrasting Collages child soft toy poor
6.Contrasting Collages shopper vendor
7.Contrasting Collages wine bomb blast
8.Contrasting Collages father and son bloody
9.Contrasting Collages merry go round battle
10.Contrasting Collages kids in school, gun
11.Contrasting Collages kid, bathtub
12.Contrasting Collages sleeping on bed, sleeping on street
13.Contrasting Collages beautiful girl, crying girl
14.Contrasting Collages sports trophy hunger
15.Contrasting Collages classroom broken
Images credit: Uğur Gallenkuş 
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