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Learn How to Make the Perfect Steak

 There are many “ingredients” to a perfectly cooked steak: the meat, the seasoning, the sauce, the technique... We could go on, but instead, we offer you a whole comprehensive collection of articles that will teach you how to prepare the juiciest, most perfect steak every time, touching upon all these ingredients we’ve mentioned. Click on each image or title above it to reveal an entire article on the topic that caught your eye.
If you like meat, you most likely LOVE steaks! While the American classics are grilled with salt and pepper or barbecue sauce, internationally, steaks get a wide variety of seasonings that would tantalize your taste buds! Try out these 10 recipes and let your tongue take you on a trip around the world!
Being able to cook a steak successfully is a skill that most of us aspire to have. Pay attention to the following details, and we’ll have you cooking steak like a professional in no time at all. To begin with, you need to understand the basics of the different cuts of beef and how to choose the right ones. From there, we’ll move on to how to cook your steak to your preference.
Do you know what the major difference between a cheap and an expensive cut of meat is? The tenderness, of course! However, there are quite a few ways that can help you turn a tough piece of meat into a deliciously tender one, and here are some of the most effective ones.
Instead of tossing away all those mystery meat parts that aren’t specifically called for in the recipe you’re following, save yourself some money and cook them up! Below you’ll find the cuts of meat that you can save and savor!
We’re all aware that purchasing frozen meat at the local store is a lot easier on the pocketbook, but there’s definitely a reason why it’s cheaper. these are 8 common meat defrosting mistakes that you need to stop making right now!
Although most people love a good cookout in the summer, there are numerous common mistakes that are made when food is being grilled. Here are 12 common grilling mistakes that everyone tends to make.
Whether you think you’re doing everything right or you have no idea what you’re actually doing, here are 8 common mistakes that most people make when cooking a delicious steak.
If you know how to sear and cook a steak like a pro, you probably wouldn’t cook it any other way! Read on to learn more about the searing process, the science behind it and how to cook your steak to get the perfect cook each time.
While many grilled meats are perfectly delicious with the tiniest bit of salt and pepper, a good sauce can upgrade any barbecue to a divine status. Here are 3 easy and deliciously savory barbecue sauce ideas.
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