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The World's Mightiest Mountains

 Nature is powerful and magical, and one of those places where you feel like you're just this tiny dot in the vast natural landscape. And somehow, this realization is accompanied by this feeling of serenity and tranquility, a beautiful sensation. Let's recollect and image how it feels to travel the mountain ranges and admire their might and beauty in this sizeable collection of articles about mountains from all over the planet.
The incredible Tatra Mountains border Poland and Slovakia and make perfect hiking destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. Polish landscape photographer, Marcin Kesek, certainly has an eye for capturing the perfect images at the right moments
Meet Karol Nienartowicz, a 29-year-old Polish landscape photographer with a passion for the Alps like you've never seen before! Karol goes to the limits and beyond to capture his breathtaking images of the acclaimed European Alps. 
Polish photographer Karol Nienartowicz loves to work in the mountains, taking photos of sunrises and sunsets. In the last 6 years, he has taken pictures of his tent with the gorgeous backdrops of the European mountains, leaving us with a feeling of splendor and awe.
Inspired by nature, photographer Alex Robciuc wakes up every morning at 5 am to hike in his amazing corner of the world - Maramures, in Transylvania, Romania. These crisp images beautifully capture the mist, dew, rising sun and stillness of the early morning.
Polish photographer, Karol Nienartowicz is a man inspired by mountains. For the last decade, he has been trekking the Tatra Mountains and capturing their striking allure in photos.
There are only fourteen mountains on Earth that rise to over 8000 meters (26,250 feet), and to climb any of them represents one of the biggest challenges known to man. Here are the 14 eight-thousanders, along with some fascinating information about the peaks.
The beauty of the Canadian Rockies is far from a secret - this mountain range is a natural gem for all of us to enjoy. Travel photographer Jimmy Dau took these photographs when he was exploring the beautiful lakes in Banff, and flying over British Columbia’s Assiniboine Provincial Park.
Among the beauty found in North America, undoubtedly lie the breathtaking Rocky Mountains with all their awe-inspiring scenery, views of lakes, hot springs, geysers, glaciers, valleys - and literally the best scenes you could ever expect from nature.

Nowhere is winter more beautiful than up in the mountains, where the white snow is at its thickest, covering everything, surrounding lakes of pure sapphire under sunsets of orange, red and purple.

On his epic journey, Johan Lolos have photographed many of Europe's greatest peaks. He visited no less than 17 European countries on the way and shot a staggering 30,000 photographs.
Few sights in the world are as breathtaking as the Himalayan mountains. And photographer and blogger Tom Rex Jesset can whole-heartedly vouch for this statement. Earlier this year he turned the travel dream of hiking the Everest Base Camp and volunteering in rural Nepal into a reality.
When we looked for information about the Ausangate Trek, we encountered pictures of magnificent rainbow-colored mountains, a landscape we had never seen before, so we decided we had to get there. 
Italian Photographer Roberto Bertero is in love with night photography in the Alps. In his photographs, the Alpine landscapes sometimes appear as cozy clouds of snow, but at other times, they look like indestructible fortresses.
Our planet is truly a treasure trove of natural beauties, and the biggest and most beautiful of them all are mountains. Reaching the peaks of these mountains is a difficult task that only a few ever successfully undertake.
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