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Car Customization Gone too Far

 For many of us, cars are a tool, a means to get around efficiently. But for others, cars are the ultimate form of self-expression. Some people show who they are through a unique paint job, others make do with vanity plates, and yet others pile modification upon modification on their cars until the original is barely recognizable. Here are some cases where car owners might have taken those customizations a tad too far:
1. This bus doesn’t quite look safe
Strange cars: bus spotlights
2. You might have overdone it with the gold, bub
3. Is there anything more American than a Hummer limo?
Strange cars: hummer limoSource: Chris Waits
4. Why yes, there is! A monster truck limo!
Strange cars: monster limoSource: Eric
5. Speaking of limos and monster trucks, how about a DeLorean limo AND a monster truck? Great Scott!
Strange cars: DeLorean limo Source: zombieite
6. This Fiat boat car only looks amphibious. Try to sail the high seas with this baby and you’ll meet a watery end
Strange cars: boat car
7. This car did not flip over by accident
Strange cars: upside down carSource: Jack Snell
8. Why are you mocking this car? Have you no sole?
9. Shag carpeting on cars is NOT okay
Strange cars: fur carSource: Riley
10. This chrome-plated car probably belongs to a Russian oligarch
11. You should probably take a long shower after getting into this ride
Strange cars: garbageSource: Mark Gunn
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