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Fowl Play: Ridiculous Bird Pictures

 Cats and dogs had their time in the internet limelight, now it’s time for birds to shine! While it is maybe true that birds aren’t as expressive as our mammalian companions are, they are still capable of ridiculous shenanigans, See these funny pictures and decide for yourself.
1. “So it says that in 2017 you worked as a sanitation inspector?”
Funny birds: interview
2. Feel the bird. Wait, that sounds dirty
Funny birds: Sanders
3. Anyone who’s tried finding a decent photo of himself in a wedding album can relate
Funny birds: tagged
4. If you thought cats and cucumbers were a thing…
Funny birds: banana
5. My phone got stolen by this guy, if you recognize him, give me a honk
Funny birds: phone
6. Pellets are a dove’s best friend
Funny birds: Monroe
7. Someone get Godzilla! Better yet, a huge salt-shaker!
Funny birds: giant
8. “Now listen here, you little whipper-snappers”
Funny birds: boss
9. To be fair, I found myself waking up in the exact same position more than once
Funny birds: owl
10. A little kindness goes a long way, they said. They didn’t say it’ll bring its friends
Funny birds: charity
11. This is why I never sit down. True story
Funny birds: sit
12. This is me every Monday
Funny birds: tired
13. Carrot Top could learn a thing or two from this comedy genius
Funny birds: prop
14. Every young parent couple ever
Funny birds: parents
15. When you sit down for so long that you forget how to walk
Funny birds: falling pigeon
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