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20 Stunning Traditional Wedding Outfits from All Over

 Weddings are the greatest celebration of life, love and good things to come. Each community and culture has their own way of celebrating these wonderful occasions, with brightly colored clothing (for both the Bride and the Groom) and lots of food and family bonding. Many of the Wedding festivities, from all over the world, still maintain their old customs, from the attire to the selection of dates. Here are 20 of the most beautifully ornate Wedding Outfits from around the globe.

1. Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(By Devnim, Source: Wikimedia Commons)

 A majority of the population in Sri Lanka is Buddhist, so most wedding traditions follow Buddhist Customs. The Weddings are conducted during Nekath, which is the Auspicious Time, through a ceremony known as the Poruwa, performed with drummers and dancers, known as the Kandyan.  

2. BulgariaBulgari, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(Source: agenciazvezdenpraznik.blogspot.com)

Bulgarian Weddings take place between Thursday and Sunday of any given week. On Thursday, a ritual is performed called the Pitka, which involves the kneading of bread by both families, to signify the creation of a new family. The Wedding ceremony itself is conducted on the following Sunday.


3. Russia

Russia, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(By Виктория Злых, Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Weddings in Russia come with a range of festivities, from a feast and a banquet to the usual traditions of toasting and dancing in honor of the happy couple. They can last anywhere between two days to one week. They also add in a lot of fun activities like 'kidnapping' the bride for the groom to 'rescue'. The betrothal is the most orthodox of their rituals.


4. Peru

Peru, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(By Jacek Kadaj, Source: www.flickr.com)

Peru in itself is a land of color and frivolity. Their wedding rituals stick to that tone with the Bride and bridesmaids wearing colorful skirts and the men wearing ponchos and sandals. Because comfort is key and the Bride and Groom are the center focus of the whole event, they usually get their own unique skirt and poncho respectively.


5. Norway

Norway, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(Source: agenciazvezdenpraznik.blogspot.com)

Norwegian wedding ceremonies resemble most US weddings, though a traditional Norwegian wedding has a procession that follows the bride and groom, with fiddle players at the head of the parade. Sometimes the bride and groom would ride a horse through the procession, with the bride, of course, getting the best horse.


6. China

China, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(By hanfulove, Source: Wikimedia Commons)

In addition to the traditional and more commonly know Tea Ceremony, another major part of Chinese traditional weddings is the Hair Dressing Ritual, during which the Bride's hair is styled and dressed while a "good luck woman" says blessings for the bride and her future.


7. Scotland

Scotland, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(By Archeologo, Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The kilt is by and large the most popular outfit of choice for most men, Grooms and groomsmen included, for any big event in Scotland. Believe it or not, the kilt was actually banned for a period of nearly 40 years, in the mid 1700's. Necessities overcame the ban and the kilt was returned. Now most men customise their kilts to take on a more modern feel, experimenting with different material.


8. Ghana

Ghana, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(By akiboatimpressions, Source: Instagram)

Weddings in Ghana come with lots of color. The Bride wears a Wrap-around skirt called the ‘iro’, and a loose blouse (buba) and shawl (iborum) of matching color. Each family has its own unique pattern of clothing that is added to the traditional dresses worn by both the Bride and the Groom.  


9. Mongolia

Mongolia, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(Source: agenciazvezdenpraznik.blogspot.com)

Mongolian weddings in the major cities usually last only for a day, and up to three days in the countryside. The Bride and the Groom also wear different rings. The Bride's ring is crafted with two intersecting diamond shaped symbols, to represent the important role the woman plays in every family, and is worn on the left hand. The Grooms ring, worn on the right hand, has two round intersecting shapes to signify the husband's role as the roof of the home, and the protector of the family.


10. Indonesia 

Indonesia, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(By Yulivan S. Saaba, Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Indonesia is a country of many diverse ethnic groups, each of which have their own customary dresses to be worn, in the material of their choice. Women usually wear dresses, and decorate themselves with numerous ornaments and accessories, and the men usually wear suits, the Grooms’ usually being designed to match the Bride’s.   


11. India

India, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(By rani_in_silk, Source: Instagram)

With over 200 sub-cultures, traditional wedding-wear in India can vary. By and large, the women wear saree’s which are pattern-stitched long lengths of material, folded and draped around the woman, or a long skirt and matching blouse. The men wear Kurtas, which resemble long shirts and a pant, or a “veshti”, which is essentially like a wrap-around skirt for men.


12. Korea

Korea, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(By Korean_wedding-Hollye-03, Source: Wikimedia Commons)

In Korea, both the Bride and the Groom wear a traditional dress known as the Hanbok, preferring bright colors and simple designs. The Bride usually wears pink or purple, or light shades of red. Other members of the Bride and Grooms family may also wear Hanboks, though most prefer western dresses and suits.


13. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(Source: www.boredpanda.com)

The traditional Kazakh Wedding dress was actually red. White dresses became popular later, and are now more commonly worn. The Brides also used to wear veils, and a traditional scarf gifted by the mother of the Groom, though some adopt an elegant white headdress, known as a Saukele.  


14. Japan

Japan, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(By Timothy, Source: www.flickr.com)

There are a number of ways in which weddings are celebrated in Japan, though the traditional dresses remain largely similar. The Bride’s dress is usually white or other light colors, and made of delicate materials like silk, and sometimes a silk headdress over their bun called a ‘wataboshi’. The Groom usually wears black, and can either a kimono or a suit.   


15. Northern Macedonia

Macedonia, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(Source: www.panacomp.net)

Northern Macedonian Weddings come with a lot of folk dancing, like the “Hard Dance”, also called Teskoto. Koluk, a sweetened yeast bread, is usually baked and then decorated with flowers. A dance is then performed in which the Godfather (Nunko) lifts the bread over the couple’s head while everyone joins hands in a circle and do a simple dance.  


16. Nigeria

Nigeria, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(Source: www.bellanaija.com)

Much like weddings in Ghana, Nigerian weddings are colorful, and Brides from different tribes where different attire. For example, women wearing the traditional Igbo Wedding attire usually wear a lace blouse, a kaftan-like wrap around skirt, printed with bright colors and patterns, a head scarf and sometimes coral beads.  


17. Poland

Poland, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(By Marta Malina Moraczewska, Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Fun fact about Polish Weddings, they celebrate with a tradition called oczepiny, in which first the Bride is surrounded by all the single ladies as her veil is removed by her maid of honor. Then a cap is placed on the brides head by a married woman as a group of married women surround and circle her. After this, the bride is considered officially married.


18. Tunisia

Tunisia, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(By Mohatatou, Source: Wikimedia Commons)

People in Tunisia really know how to celebrate. Their wedding functions are traditionally 1 week long, with a different event, outfits and jewellery for each of the seven days. One day has a musical profession formed by the Bride’s family and friends, with a henna ceremony the following day.  


19. Georgia

Georgia, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

(By Tony Bowden, Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The day following the Wedding in Georgia is also of great significance as the two families, along with the Bride and Groom join together to celebrate Namtsetsoba. This is also known as Leftover Day because all the food leftover from the wedding celebrations is brought back to continue with the festivities.


20. Romania

Romania, international wedding dresses, tradition, custom,

Romanian weddings are finalised through a registered wedding at the court house or city hall on Thursdays or Fridays. The registration is then followed by a big celebration and party on Saturday and Sunday.

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