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10 Things That Your Body Says About You

 In spite of there being a million medical resources on the internet that can teach you all manner of things about your body, you’ll be surprised to know that there’s much you can learn by simply looking at yourself in the mirror! Here are 11 amazing things that your body can tell you about yourself:
1. Asymmetrical features = better team leader
If you have, for instance, an ear that’s higher than the other, or a sharp point on one side of the nose, then you’re more likely to be a team leader. This is according to a study that was published in the Leadership Quarterly.
2. Blood type O = mosquitoes like biting you more
Although they’re not quite sure why it occurs, researchers in Japan have discovered that mosquitoes prefer biting people with blood type O. There might be some merit to saying that you get bitten more because your blood is “sweeter” after all!
3. Longer index finger than ring finger = lowered risk of prostate cancer
A 2011 study found that those with a longer index finger were 33% less likely to get prostate cancer. Similarly, the researchers also found that those with a longer ring finger were more at risk of developing prostate cancer.
4. Bilateral crease in ear = increased risk of coronary artery disease
Chinese researchers have found a strong correlation between a bilateral crease in the ear and an increased risk of coronary artery disease. The same also applies for unilateral creases in the ear, albeit the risk is not as high.
5. Brown eyes = decreased tolerance for alcohol
People with brown eyes have more melanin in their brains than those with eyes of another color. This means that their brains’ processing power is increased. Their bodies also process alcohol faster, meaning that it takes them less time to feel drunk.
6. Large forehead = increased intelligence over others
An Edinburgh University study, which involved measuring babies’ foreheads at birth and then tracking their academic achievements later in life, was able to determine that those with bigger foreheads were more likely to be highly intelligent.
7. Oddly-placed navel = more likely to be a good runner or swimmer
Individuals that have belly buttons located either higher up or lower down on their body than usual are more likely to be good at running or swimming respectively. Individuals with elevated belly buttons have longer waists and a higher center of gravity, making them faster and thus good runners, whereas individuals with belly buttons closer to the pelvis are more likely to be good at swimming due to having increased power in their torsos.
8. Longer eyebrows = better ability to cope with stress
According to a facial reading expert featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, those with longer eyebrows tend to be better listeners. People with shorter ones, on the other hand, tend to be less likely to get involved in their friends’ affairs or give advice.
9. Contaminated hair follicles = you might be doing something illegal
A hair test for drugs is able to determine whether an individual has been using illegal substances, such as amphetamines, opioids or cocaine, more than 90 days after they last used them. What’s more is that this information can be determined using a single follicle of hair.
10. Rapid blinking = you’re attracted to someone
Blake Eastman, a body language expert, found that people who blink more than 10 times in a minute are likely to be exhibiting some latent feelings of emotional excitement or lust.
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