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Do You Have One Of These RARE Genetic Traits?

For most of us, the study of genetics is pretty much rocket science. But in reality, all of us can learn a little about this fascinating science by taking a close look at ourselves and other humans. Without a fault, you’ll find traits that are genetically inherited - like your eye color, hair color, and even your ability to whistle!
Did you know, for example, that only 14% of the world population can whistle? So. if you do, that makes you quite unique. You might have several of such rare genetic traits that make you unlike most of the population! Take a look at several of such rare genetic characteristics in this article.

1. Only 27% of the world population can raise one eyebrow since birth.

rare genetic traits man raises one eyebrow
Up to 30-40 percent of people learn to raise one eyebrow as adults.

2. A mere 10% of people are left-handed.

rare genetic traits left-handed
Even fewer people are ambidextrous - meaning that they use the right and left hands equally well - just around 1%.

3. Did you know that 35% of people are born with no wisdom teeth?

rare genetic traits tooth X ray
And we must say - lucky them! - because roughly 60-70% of people with wisdom teeth have trouble with them.

4. Red hair is the rarest natural hair color. Less than 2% of the population are red-heads.

rare genetic traits
Blond hair is the second rarest hair color - a bit over 2% of the population has naturally blond hair.

5. Only about 18-35 percent of the world population sneeze when they're in the sun.

rare genetic traits girl sneeze
This is known as photic sneeze reflex, but most call it sun sneezing. It's a condition that makes you sneeze when exposed to any bright light, and not just the sun.

6. Only 2 percent of people have green eyes, but it's actually not the rarest eye color... 

rare genetic traits green eyes
The rarest eye color is actually red/violet - just 1 percent have this eye color. Gray eyes are also uncommon - they make up 3% of the people, and around 8% have blue eyes. 

7. This one will surprise you - most people actually don't have perfect vision without eyeglasses.

rare genetic traits eyeglasses
Only around 35% of people have naturally perfect vision.

8. Only 32% of the world population can bend their big finger backward when it stands upright.

rare genetic traits Hitchhiker's thumb
Image Source: Imgur
This phenomenon is known as a Hitchhiker's thumb.

9. Here's one rare trait we didn't even know existed!

rare genetic traits nose closeup
Only 30% of all people have the ability to voluntarily flare their nostrils.

10. Less than 1% of people have different-colored eyes.

rare genetic traits heterochromia
Image Source and Cover Image: Imgur
This phenomenon is known as heterochromia, and it can be partial (when only part of the eye is differently colored) or complete (when the entire eye is of a different color). This trait is actually more common in some animals - famously, husky dogs have heterochromia often.
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