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The Subtle Dangers of Technology

Day after day, we rely on technology to help us do so much, but how many of us have ever really stopped to think about the negative impact that technology can have on our lives? The six videos below discuss various issues with different kinds of technology, as well as what can be done to reduce the harm that they can potentially cause.


The Dangers of the Internet
The Internet undoubtedly makes our lives much easier and helps to keep the world better connected. However, it also carries quite a number of risks that we'd be wise to bear in mind when spending time online...
All About AI (Artificial Intelligence)
What exactly is artificial intelligence, and should we be at all concerned about their development? Find out in this highly informative video.
The Problem With Smartphones
While smartphones certainly come with many wonderful advantages, we often tend to ignore the fact that they do, in fact, come at quite a cost. Here are some reflections on how we can live well around our phones.
All About Emotional Technology
When imagining the world of the future, we tend to think of things that will make us more powerful or efficient. However, some of the most fascinating developments will be gadgets that deal with the emotional components of our lives...
Does Technology Ruin Relationships?
Many types of technology are said to make connecting with others easier and more reliable. Why is it then, that there are some experts who believe that technology can often have quite the opposite effect? Find out in this video.
Why I Quit Social Media For a Year
In this video, you'll follow the experience of a man who decided to quit social media for a whole year, taking what is commonly known as a social media detox or a digital sabbatical. Learn all about his experience here.
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