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How to Get Started With Waze

Tech giant Google recently purchased a company known as Waze for a whopping $1 billion (plus $100 million for employee retention and incentives), making it one of the most ambitious purchases in recent history. Waze itself is actually an interactive navigation app that helps traveling and commuting become far less stressful and safer tasks. Keep reading to learn how to set up and use this cutting-edge app!
1.Waze Guide
The first thing you'll need to do is to download the Waze app for iPhone or Android, and then install it.
2.Waze Guide
Use the app for the first time, and you'll be walked through all of the most essential features by the app itself.
3.Waze Guide
One of the first things you should do is to enter your work and home addresses, since this will make using the app a lot easier.
4.Waze Guide
You can also set up a username, tell people how you're feeling, and even send messages via the app itself.
5.Waze Guide
The more you use the app, the more points you'll rack up, as you can see above.
6.Waze Guide
Here's an example of what a Waze score looks like. You can even connect the app to Facebook to see what your friends are getting up to!
7.Waze Guide
There are many ways to earn Waze points, one of which is leaving tips for other drivers.
8.Waze Guide
There are many things that you can report, such as traffic accidents, hazards, and police presence.
9.Waze Guide
As an example, here's a screenshot of a minor accident that has been reported.
10.Waze Guide
Here's a police unit that was reported.
11.Waze Guide
Here is a list of different traffic jams in the driver's surrounding area.
12.Waze Guide
You can even use the app to search for nearby gas stations (addresses removed from the above screenshot).
13.Waze Guide
When searching on Waze for directions, all you need to do is to type in the name of your desired destination, just as you would on Apple Maps or Google Maps.
14.Waze Guide
The app will then inform you of the trip's expected duration, as well as any hazards to be aware of while getting there.
15.Waze Guide
Your ideal route will show up as a cartoonish version of Google Maps, with anything noteworthy being displayed in bubbles along the way.
16.Waze Guide
If you click on the icon (police in this instance), you'll be able to find out more information, which will help you proceed with caution.


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