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A Neat Hack to Open a Pop Lock

 We have all locked our keys in our car at least once. It happens when warming up the car in the morning, making a quick errand, or just fooling about. It’s also common for people to misplace their spare keys too.
So, if you ever happen to be in a situation where you don’t have a spare key, this hack could be extremely useful. However, this trick will only work if you have a car that has exposed locks on the top of the door. Locks that are on the inside panel of the door cannot be unlocked using this trick. 


  • A piece of string that's roughly 2 meters in length.


1. Tie a Knot

Fold the string in half, and in the center tie a small slip knot. It should tighten up when you pull on each end.

2. String it through

With the string ends in your hands, slip the string over the door frame. It should fit through the crack where the door meets the frame.

3. Lasso the Lock

Loop the slip knot over the lock, and pull tightly so that it secures itself around the lock.

4. Pop the Lock

Pull on the ends of the string until the lock pops up.

To see this trick in action, check out the video below:


Source: tiphero

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