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Beautiful Flowers of the World

 Flowers are some of Mother Nature’s most wonderful creations. For hundreds of years, flowers have been idolized as objects of beauty by every civilization. Therefore, to honor the extraordinary beauty of flowers, we’ve picked 12 of the most beautiful flowers from around the world. Each stunning visual comes complete with interesting facts about that flower, including its botanical name, native origin, and popular colors. You’re bound to fall in love with at least one of these stunning and exotic flowers:
1. Sweet Pea
Sweet peas are well known for their sweet fragrance and delicate flowers. These flowers are native to Sicily (Italy), where they have been cultivated for the last four centuries. This ornamental pea species go by the botanical name Lathyrus odoratus, and are mostly available in red, pink, purple or white.
2. Stargazer Lily
This plant, also called the oriental lily, is known for its large star-shaped blooms that give off a very sweet perfume. Their petals are hot pink, with texture freckles that decoratively dot each petal. Although they are gorgeous, they are also one of the most poisonous plants to have around pets. The stargazer lily is the most recent addition to the oriental lily family, which is native to Japan.
3. Begonia
Begonias have rose-like flowers that are popular among avid gardeners. The first documented discovery of this plant was by Charles Plumier, a Franciscan monk, who found begonias in Brazil in 1690. These flowers bloom in the summer, and although they may not be the easiest plants to look after, their beautiful blooms and foliage make them a fantastic addition to any garden. They’ve been bred to blossom in many colors, such as yellow, red, and orange.
4. Camellia
These are some of the most popular flowers in the southern United States, and are originally from eastern and southern Asia. There are over 3,000 types of camellias which are available in pink, white, and red in varying hues. They have delicate petals and are commonly used as an ingredient in floral perfumes due to their sweet smell.
5. Plumeria
Plumerias are native to the subtropical Americas, and are commonly used in leis. They give off an intensely sweet fragrance and, as a result, they make great cut flowers for freshening up your house. Plumerias have gorgeous blooms with colors such as white, pink, yellow, and red.
6. Dahlia
The dahlia is a flower which is well known for its layered petals and showy blooms. They have been highly cultivated and hybridized by breeders to create the most beautiful of flowers. It is an annual flower that blooms from midsummer right up until the start of winter and is native to Mexico, Central America, and South America. Dahlias are available in every imaginable color, with the most popular being pink, orange, red, and fuchsia pink.
7. Tulip
Tulips are very popular due to the unique shape and wide variety of colors. They are native to Asia, Africa, and Europe. From bright reds and yellows, to nearly black purples, there seems to be a tulip available in every color. They bloom from spring into early summer, and are especially popular around Easter. Red tulips are fantastic for weddings because they symbolize true love, while yellow ones symbolize cheerfulness.
8. Lotus
The lotus flower is an aquatic plant that is known for producing large flowers. Native to Asia, this flower grows abundantly from China to India. This flower is considered to be highly sacred in both Hinduism and Buddhism, and symbolizes several important meanings, such as harmony, rebirth, and enlightenment.
9. Anemone
There are many different species of anemone, but the most beautiful one has got to Anemone coronaria – a species that is native to the Mediterranean region. Also known as windflowers, they get their name from the Greek word “anemos” which means wind. The fall-blooming varieties are taller with cup-shaped blossoms, while the spring-blooming varieties grow much lower to the ground. They grow in a wide range of colors such as pink, purple, red, and white.
10. Orchid
Orchids are some of the most exotic flowers that you can grow in your home. There are over 20,000 types of orchids, with the most popular ones being the moth orchid (Orchidaceae phalaenopsis).  These large orchid blooms are popular due to the size of their blooms, and are native to the tropical regions of Africa, Oceania, and America.

 11. Passion Flower

Passion flowers are some of the most exotic flowers that you can grow in your garden. There are over 400 species of these plants, but the most popular is Passiflora edulis, which is the only one that can produce passion fruit. Native to the Americas, passion flowers are usually blue, purple, or lavender.
12. Protea
As the national flower of South Africa, the king protea is one of the most spectacular species of protea.  This is the largest protea species and it has a massive bloom that can be up to 12 inches wide. With its long pink petals that surround a furry center, it’s typically the star of a show within a bouquet.
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