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These Photos Show What Life Looks Like to the Color Blind

 Ever wondered what it would be like to see life through the eyes of somebody with color blindness? Well, this website let's you take a look.

Despite its name, color blindness doesn't mean that a person sees the world in black and white. In fact, only 0.00003% of the world's population cannot see color. Therefore, the term "color vision deficiency" (CVD) is a more accurate one. According to the above website, around 0.5% of women (1 in every 200) and 8% of men (1 in every 12) suffer from some form of CVD. There are different variations of vision deficiency, such as Protanopia (which makes everything seem greener), Deuteranomalia (which makes everything look a little faded), Tritanopia (greenish-pink tones), and Monochromacy (total color blindness).

Below are a series of photos that compare how different colors look through different CVD lenses - the results, we think you'll agree, are really quite fascinating.

Normal Vision
This is how different colors look to those who have normal vision.
This is the most common type of color blindness. Around 4.63% of men and 0.36% of women have this kind of CVD, many of whom don't even realize. People with Deuteranomalia see a more subdued color palette, especially when it comes down to the likes of green and red.
For someone with Protanopia, all shades of red and green look rather faded, whereas blue and yellow remain unaffected. Only 1% of men experience this type of CVD.
People who have Tritanopia see colors with a greenish/pink tone. This is a very rare type of color blindness and only affects around 0.0001% of men and women.
People with Monochromacy don't see any color at all. This is the rarest form of CVD and it is estimated that only 0.00003% of the world's population have this particular condition.


The Simpsons


A Lake View
An Apple
Rainbow Roses
A Rainbow
A Bouquet 
Yellow Cabs
A Forest in Autumn
A Lavender Field
A Selection of Fruit
A Burger
Kuala Lumpur At Night
A Peacock
A Fish
Soap Bubbles
A Hummingbird


Some fireworks
Hot Air Balloon 
Source: boredpanda
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