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Those with a very high IQ have to deal with these

The assumption that people with a very high intelligent quotient are extremely blessed due to the obvious benefits, such as being able to get into the best schools, is often made. However, the reality is that these people also have to grapple with the fact that their superior intelligence also has a negative flip-side. Here are 7 downsides of being highly intelligent:
1. Thinking instead of feeling. highly-intelligent-people

Highly intelligent people often have an incredible grasp of their emotions, and often can express them to other people without too much difficulty, however many of them say that they never feel the relief of expressing them.

This is because they tend to use their eloquence as a smokescreen, which is all the more effective when the words they are uttering are true. The thing is many of them feel like what they have just expressed has not been physically released out of them – it has merely been labeled instead.

2. The possibility of never learning the value of hard work.

Having a very high IQ can make academic and professional life a much easier ride for some people, however this has a very serious downside. Due to the ability to get by with much less effort than their peers, a highly intelligent individual may never develop the level of perseverance required for them to attain their full potential.

3. Not living up to people’s expectations.highly-intelligent-people

When it’s glaringly obvious that an individual is highly intelligent, expectations for them to be good at just about everything are placed upon their shoulders by their family members, lovers, friends and members of their social sphere at large.

What these expectations lead to is an unfortunate consequence. It makes the person live in a constant state of worry about what would happen if they failed at something or didn’t live up to other people’s expectations. This fear can make them so overly cautious that it stops them from ever attempting new things.

4. Annoying people when you correct them in conversation.

You’re probably familiar with the feeling of having to bite your tongue when someone says something that’s factually incorrect or just plain wrong when having a casual conversation with them. This feeling is often amplified exponentially in people who are really smart – to the point where they just have to say something.

Being corrected continuously can be interpreted as an affront by some people, and therefore this can lead to the person doing the correcting being excluded or stonewalled.

5. Constantly over-thinking.highly-intelligent-people

Those who are blessed with very high intelligence usually tend to stop at nothing to understand the existential significance of every concept they’re presented with and every experience they have.

What this usually leads to is the realization that nothing really seems to mean anything, and their relentless search for conclusive answers to that which their minds are preoccupied with can drive them crazy.

Another way in which this constant search for answers hinders them is that they may find it impossible to make a choice about something important. Over-analysis of the possible ramifications of making a choice can lead them to never making a choice at all.


6. Having to convince people you’re not bragging.

When an intelligent person has a moment of enlightenment brought on by something they have just read, witnessed or understood, they’re usually genuinely excited to share it with whoever’s around.

The thing is, this excitement can be interpreted as showing off or bragging by the person that it’s being shared with. This is unfortunate because it’s only usually being shared out of the desire to be helpful, or expand someone’s knowledge.

7. Realizing that the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.highly-intelligent-people

People who are highly intelligent are the only ones that can get close to the limits of human cognition. What this means is that, as hard as they may try, it’s not possible for them to understand everything.

Paradoxically, intelligence is a curse when someone gets to the point of feeling like the more they know, the more they feel like the less they know!


Content Source: Business Insider

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