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A Guide To Using Baba-Mail

You may have noticed that we spruced up Baba-Mail recently, and we hope you like the new look. Most of the changes we have made are aesthetic so the way you use and enjoy the site has not been changed much at all, but we still wanted to provide you with an overview of the new features we have added. They should make it much easier for you to navigate around Baba, especially if you visit us on a smartphone or tablet. This also seems like a good time to run over some common problems that users encounter when using Baba, so we will do that in this article too!

The guide is separated into five different sections. We'll start by running through some of the changes we have made to the desktop version of Baba. This is the one you use from your laptop or computer. In section 2, we will address the common issues we get emails about. Then, in Section 3, we have included some refreshers about how to use key features of the site that haven't changed since the new version was introduced, but are always worth knowing about.

In section 4, we'll introduce the changes we have made to improve the user experience for Mobile, smartphone and tablet users. We will end in section 5 by running through some of the longstanding features of the mobile site that are there for you to enjoy.

You can skip to any part of the article using the links below.

We hope the changes will enhance your enjoyment of the site. All our members are greatly important to us - please keep reading, liking and sharing!

If You Use Baba-Mail From Your Computer or Desktop, Sections 1-3

Skip to Section 1 - What's Changed

Skip to Section 2 - Common Problems

Skip to Common Problem 1 - You Can't See Your Contact List

Skip to Common Problem 2 - You Keep Getting Asked to Log In

Skip to Section 3 - Refreshers on Key Features of Baba-Mail


If You Use Baba-Mail From Your Smart Phone or Tablet, See Sections 4-5:

Skip to Section 4 - What's New for Smart Phone and Tablet Users

Skip to Section 5 - Refreshers on Key Features for Smart Phone and Tablet Users

Baba Homepage
Section One - What's Changed for Desktop Users

The recent changes were designed to give Baba a bit of a facelift, improve its aesthetics and make it easier to use on smartphones and tablets. In terms of your experience using it, there have been few major changes, but there have been some tweaks here and there. Let's run through some of them so that you know what's different:

1. The Menu at the Top of the Page Can Always Be Accessed

We have changed the main menu you see at the top of the page (this is the one that lists the major subject groups such as 'Health & Lifestyle', 'Nature & Travel', Tips & DIY' etc) so that you can always see it, no matter how far down a page you scroll. This means you always have easy access to the main menu at all times, without having to scroll all the way to the top of the screen:


Menu Scroll


Please note - if you are using a laptop or computer and your Baba layout does not look like the one above, it is likely to be because your screen's resolution is better suited to the smart phone and tablet version of the site. If this is happening to you, click here to skip to the guide to mobile site for smart phones and tablets.

2. The Arrangement of Groups and Categories

The sub-categories have now been arranged into the 8 major groups. So, for example, 'Spiritual', 'Only Good News' and 'Religion' have been arranged under the Main Category ' Inspiration', while 'Science', 'Wheels, Air and Water' & 'Computers and Internet' have been sectioned under the Main Category 'Science and Tech'. You can still access the sub-categories easily. Just follow these instructions:

Click on the main subject group you want to access, here I want to access 'Tips & DIY':


Main Groups 1


When you enter the next screen, look in the top right, you will see there is a box marked 'All Categories':


Categories Link


Click on this box and it will reveal all the sub categories for the section you have selected:


Categories 2


Select the sub-category that you wish and you are on your way!

3. You Can Change the Size of the Text on Baba!

If you are struggling to read articles because the size of the text is too small (or indeed too large), then we have provided a great solution! Towards the top left corner of every article, you will see the words 'Font Size' alongside a plus and minus sign:


Font Size Bigger


Click on the plus sign to make the text bigger and the minus to make it smaller. The size changes incrementally so the more you keep pressing the plus sign, the larger the text will become:


Font Size Bigger

4. You Now Have a Log of All the Articles You Have Ever Read On Baba!

Remember that post you really enjoyed a couple of weeks ago and want to see again? We've made it much easier for you, by introducing a 'Recently Viewed' section that keeps a record of everything you look at:

When you open a new article, look in the top right and you will see 'Recently Viewed Articles' along with the four pages you viewed most recently:


Recently Viewed Home Page


If you want to see even older posts, click on the box marked 'Show All'. This will take you to a page containing every article you have looked at, arranged in the order in which you viewed them (starting with the most recent):


Recently Viewed Full List

5. You Can Check Out How Popular Different Articles Are

Check out how many times a page has been viewed and liked by looking beneath the main title when you open an article. The number next to the picture of the 'eye' shows you how many times a page has been viewed, and the number next to the 'heart' shows you how many people have 'liked' it:


Views and Likes Section

6. Scroll Down For an Endless Stream of Interesting Articles

One final new feature we have introduced is the endless stream of articles you will see if you keep scrolling down any Baba page. Once you have reached the bottom of anarticle, keep working that mouse and you will see a constant list of links to other articles, so you can find even more interesting content easily and freely!

Section Two - Common Problems
Problem 1: You Can't See Your Contact List When Trying to Share a Post

Cause: We have received some emails regarding this problem since we changed the site, and there is actually a very simple explanation. The new version of Baba has essentially 'replaced' the old version, meaning that all members are required to log in again. If you aren't logged in, you won't be able to view the contact list and share your posts as you normally would.

Solution: All you need to do is log in! There's two ways to do so:

Option 1When you browse the site for the first time since the new version was launched, you will see regular prompts when you scroll asking you to log-in. They look like this:


Log In Prompt


Simply click on the link marked 'Already a Member? Click Here' :


 Log In Prompt 2


This will bring you to our log-in screen. Simply enter your email address and click 'Done'.


Log In Screen


This will log you in and you will have full access to your contact list when you want to share a post. You will remain logged in for future visits so you only have to do this once.

Option 2 - If you want to bring up the log-in screen immediately, there is a way to do so:

When scrolling Baba, you will see some posts are marked with a red VIP tag:


VIP Posts


If you click on one of these posts when you are not logged in, it will bring up this screen:


Baba VIP Log In


From here you can go through the same log-in process described in option 1 by clicking 'Already a Member? Sign in Here'.


Question mark

Did You Know?


You don't need to be logged in to browse the website, if you want to continue reading when the log-in prompt appears, just click on the "X" to close it (or click to the side of the dialog box):


Close Log In Prompt


You can then continue to read articles, although you will need to log in to view the VIP posts!

Problem 2: Every time you visit the site, you get told you have to log-in again

Cause: This is another problem we receive emails about and of course, it is frustrating if it happens to you. Usually this is caused by the browser's security settings. To identify you, we give your browser instructions so that when you visit Baba, the site automatically recognizes you as a member and allows you to browse freely. Unfortunately, some browsers are either programmed to stop them from receiving this information, or configured so that it is deleted every few days. If are using one of these, you will continually have to log in.

Solution: The pieces of information that are shared with your browser are known (somewhat strangely) as 'cookies' in the computing world. So, if you want to stay logged in to Baba, you will need to tell your browser that it is ok for it to receive and store these 'cookies'. Most browsers' default settings include acceptance of cookies, but if yours doesn't or your settings have been changed, you can follow these instructions to fix the problem in the three most widely used browsers. You can also access this information via our Help Section.

Enable Cookies in Google Chrome:
1. Click the Chrome menu icon.
2. Select Settings.
3. Near the bottom of the page, click Show advanced settings.
4. In the "Privacy" section, click Content settings.
5. To enable cookies, select Allow local data to be set (recommended).
Enable Cookies in Internet Explorer
1. Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Internet Explorer.
2. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
3. Click the Privacy tab
4. Under Settings, move the slider to the to the bottom to allow all cookies
5. Click OK.
Enable Cookies in Firefox
1. Click the menu button and choose Options.
2. Select the Privacy panel.
3. Set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history.
4. Tick 'accept cookies from sites'
5. Select keep until: they expire: Each cookie will be removed when it reaches its expiration date, which is set by the site that sent the cookie. 

Firefox Gif

Section Three: Some Refreshers For Desktop Users

Although the site has changed in appearance, many of the features are still in the same place. Here are a few useful ones to use and remember:

1. Find Help

If you have a problem, then the help section is the place to find the answer. You can access this from the very top of the website, via the link in the top right hand corner:




2. Let Us Have Some Feedback Via the 'Like Button'

If you have enjoyed a post, let us know. We love to get feedback so we can continually assess the types of stories our readers enjoy. There is a like button at the very bottom of every article. It also appears in the bottom right hand corner of every picture in an article:


Like and Share


3. Share Posts with Your Friends

If you enjoyed an article and think it would be interesting or useful to friends or family, then send it to them via the 'Share' button that sits alongside the Like button. You can upload your email contact so you can share the posts more easily! Alternatively, you can share them via your Facebook page:




4. Share Your Comments With Us

We love to hear your detailed feedback too, and there's a comments section at the end of each article. Let us know how you did on a quiz, or which photo is your favorite via this function. To find the comments area, look beyond the 'Like and Share' & 'You May Also Like' sections at the bottom of any article. If you are logged in, you will see your name in the relevant field, along with a space below where you can leave your comment. Click on 'Show all Comments' to see what other readers have had to say about the article, and open up the 'Discussion' area where you can also leave your own thoughts.





5. Change Your Settings

To change your settings, you need to follow the link that is included with your daily emails:

Edit Profile


Section Four - What's New for Mobile and Tablet Users
Some of the most noticeable changes are the ones we have made for smartphone and tablet users. We were aware that the usability of the mobile site could be improved and we have taken huge steps to improve your experience using it. Here we will run through some of the changes we have made and how they can help you enjoy Baba-Mail. 

1. You Now Have a Menu!

You now have a fully integrated Baba menu, which gives you quick and easy access to all your favorite topics. The menu can be accessed from any page you are browsing, you just need to click on the icon in the top left of your screen. It's the one that has three horizontal lines in a square box. Here is how the home page looks including the menu button:


Mobile Home Page


If you click on the menu button, it will bring up a series of sub-menus that give you easy access to differents parts of the site. The first thing you will notice is that you can access any of the 8 major subject categories from here, plus the video section:


Mobile Menu


Click on the section you want to visit. The page will open up and you will see links to the most recent articles for that section towards the top of the screen. You can click on these links or scroll down for more posts. You will also notice the word 'Choose' in a rectangular box towards the top right of the screen. Click this to see all the sub-categories relating to the main subject you have chosen:


Mobile Menu 2


From here, you can click on a small sub-category to further filter your list of articles. Here, I have clicked on the 'Food and Drinks' option:


Mobile Sub Menu


Now you can access any article within this section. Although if you want to view an article marked VIP, you will need to make sure you are logged in. Click here for more on that.


2. You Now Have a Log of All the Articles You Have Ever Read on Baba!

We have introduced a 'Recently Viewed' section for the mobile site, just like we have done with the desktop version. Because of the difference in screen size between a computer/laptop and smart phone/tablet however, the recently viewed section does not appear as a clickable link to the right of any article you are reading. Instead, you can access it from the main menu:


Mobile Recently Viewed


Select 'Recently Viewed' to see a list of all the articles you have ever viewed on Baba. The list is arranged in chronological order, with the article you read most recently at the top. Just keep scrolling down the page to see the full list:


Mobile Recently Viewed


3. You Can Now Edit Your Profile From Your Smartphone or Tablet

You can now edit your profile and change your settings much easier from your smartphone or tablet. You can again access to the relevant section from the main menu:

Mobile Edit Menu


In the menu, select Edit Profile if you want to change your settings, including your personal details, list of favourite topics and email cluster preferences. You will first see a screen like this:


Mobile Edit Security Screen


This has been introduced for security reasons. You will need to verify your email address and press send. Now, go to your email inbox and you'll that you received a link from us. Follow that link to be taken to a page where you can edit your personal details and preferences:


Baba Edit shot 1


Mobile Edit Link 2


4. You Can Now Access the Help Section From Your Smartphone or Tablet

If you are experiencing any problems with Baba-Mail, then our help section should be the first place you go. It includes instructions for troubleshooting problems you may experience logging in to the site or receiving emails, as well as other useful information. If that fails, you can also contact us with specific queries or problems. Both these options are now easily accessible from the main menu of your mobile device on the new look site:


Mobile Help and Contact


5. You Now Have an Easy Search Button

If you want to find an article you read six months ago, but don't want to scroll through your whole 'Recently Viewed' list to do so, then you can search for it by touching the magnifying glass which sits on the top right of every Baba screen.  You will see a dialog box open up when you do, enter a keyword and the search will automatically begin:


Mobile Search Function


6. Scroll Down For an Endless Stream of Interesting Articles

The final new feature we have introduced is the endless stream of articles you will see if you keep scrolling down any Baba page, just like the one you have access to via the desktop version. Once you have reached the bottom of you article, keep working that mouse and you will see a constant list of links to other pages, so you can find even more interesting content easily and freely!

Section Five - Refreshers For Smartphone and Tablet Users

We hope you find the site easier to use and navigate from your smartphone and tablet thanks to the changes we have made. However, there are a number of functions that have stayed the same but are always worth remembering. Here are a few of them:


1. Give us Some Feedback Via the 'Like Button'

If you have enjoyed a post, let us know. We love to get feedback so we can continually assess the types of stories our readers enjoy. There is a like button at the very bottom of every article. It also appears on the bottom right hand corner of every picture in any given article:


Mobile Like Button


2. Share Your Posts With Friends and Family Via Email

Although the new site has effectively replaced the old version, it has still saved your details. This means that your contact list will still be there, so you can easily forward a post on to friends and family via your mobile device. You just need to make sure you are logged in and then simply touch on the 'Send to Friends' icon at the bottom of any post to forward it to as many people as you wish:



Mobile Send to Friends


3. Share Your Posts With Friends & Family Via Facebook and Whatsapp

Many of you will find it easier to share your posts via popular applications like Facebook and Whatsapp, and you can still do that. Click on the Facebook icon to share the post via your Facebook newsfeed or timeline. Click on the Whatsapp icon to send the article via message to anyone you choose:



Mobile Facebook Share



4. Share Your Comments With Us

We love to hear your detailed feedback too, and there's a comments section at the end of each article. To find it on the mobile section, keep scrolling beyond the like and share options and past the 'You May Also Like' section. You will come to a box containing two options - 'Show Comments' and 'Add Comments'. Use 'Add Comments' to let us know how you did on a quiz or which was your favorite from a photo series:


Mobile Comments Section


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