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Campervans Combine Vintage Style with Practicality

 There are few more iconic vehicles from yesteryear than a vintage campervan and thanks to the love and attention of a number of enthusiasts, there are a number of examples of old classics still on the road today.  Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon's book My Cool Campervan compiles plenty of great examples and we can see a selection below, with photographs by Tina Hillier.

1. VW Westfalia Campmobile

These Classic Camper Vans were Stylish and Practical
First produced in the 1950's, the example in the picture is a 1967 classic Type 2 model.  Optional extras included the pop up roof seen in the photo, as well as a chemical toilet, a camping stove and even air conditioning.

2. Dodge Xplorer 21

These Classic Camper Vans were Stylish and Practical
These timeless, American Campers were the first self-contained motorhomes that could fit comfortably inside a standard garage.  The example in the photo made its way to England from the States via a member of the American Air Force.  The current owner bought it when the airbase was taken out of commission in 1993.

3. Ginetta Car Camper

These Classic Camper Vans were Stylish and Practical
It doesn't get much more unique than this Ginetta Car Camper, because the one in the picture is apparently the only one ever made!  Finished in classic brown and featuring space for two beds and even a stove, it is a shame that the design was not widely produced.  The owner is understandably proud to have it and is only too happy to display it at classic car shows whenever possible.

4. Citroën Nomad 

These Classic Camper Vans were Stylish and Practical
The Citroën Nomad is a true traveling home, offering pop ups at both the back and on the top of the vehicle to create extra space that defies its tiny size.  All the Nomads were produced in the classic Citroën blue and feature a unique, flat windscreen.  The owner of the example in the picture calls it his 'little snail shell'. 

5. VW High Top

These Classic Camper Vans were Stylish and Practical
Another classic model from Volkswagen, the van in the picture was previously used by a draper who needed the extra height to hang longer items of clothing for delivery. The current owner has remodelled it and added a few modern touches to turn it into the perfect vehicle to house his surfing equipment when driving around the coast.

6. BMC Princess

These Classic Camper Vans were Stylish and Practical
This unique camper appears in the picture as it looked when it was built in 1967.  It includes a number of features not seen in other vehicles of the same period, including power steering and automatic transmission.  The current owner purchased it in 1976 and has maintained it beautifully until the present day.

7. Citroën H-Van

These Classic Camper Vans were Stylish and Practical
The Citroën H-Van was first designed by Pierre Franchiset in 1947 and went on to become one of the most iconic vans of its own or any other era. Over 473,289 H-Vans were manufactured over 34 years of production, all featuring the distinctive corrugated body work and large, functional back window as seen in the photos above.

8. Skoda Camper Van

These Classic Camper Vans were Stylish and Practical
This classic Eastern European van varied very little in design over several decades of production - the example in the picture is a 1992 model but could have come straight out of 1976 when the vans were first produced!  Famed for its reliability and solid build, the interior was finished in a brown, cream and terracotta design, with a series of shelves separating the driver's cabin from the rest of the van.  The current owner has even given it a name - Daisy!
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