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Weird Wings: These Were the Most Unusual Planes Ever Made

Looking at vintage vehicles is always fascinating as they give us a captivating glimpse of the past. Today, we will travel back in time and take a peek at some of the most unusual and quirky airplanes ever made in history. While you may find their strange-looking designs funny today, they sure made heads turn when they soared through the skies back when they were initially launched. Many of them also paved the way for better aircraft in the future that we are used to flying in now.
Over the last century, several unconventional airplanes have taken off. They have helped researchers understand the still complex principles of aerodynamics while also allowing them to test unique aircraft design features and technologies. Let’s now take a look at some of the weirdest and most unusual vintage planes that once flew through the skies.

1. The French H-34 A, with an enclosed gun mount, including a gunner on the starboard side. It is believed that the aircraft served in Algeria. 

Weirdest Vintage Aircrafts, French H-34 A
Image credit: Reddit/ u/ST4RSK1MM3R

2. The de Lackner HZ-1 Aerocycle. Also known as the YHO-2,  it was the first of several one-man flying machines the US Army evaluated during the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Weirdest Vintage Aircrafts,Image credit: Reddit/ u/skyersjet

3. Blohm & Voss Ha 139. It was a German all-metal inverted gull wing floatplane.

Weirdest Vintage Aircrafts,German all-metal inverted gull wing floatplaneImage credit: Reddit/ u/skyersjet

4. The 1949 all-aluminum Monsted-Vincent Starflight. This pusher airplane was the only four-engined aircraft ever to be built in Louisiana.

Weirdest Vintage Aircrafts, Monsted-Vincent Mv-1

Image credit: Reddit/ u/r34changedmylife

5. The Tupolev ANT-9 was a Soviet transport aircraft designed during the 1930s. This particular model was modified by adding a plywood bow resembling a crocodile and typical dorsal "fins". 

Weirdest Vintage Aircrafts, a Soviet transport aircraft

Image credit: Reddit/ u/duncan_D_sorderly

6. The Kamov Ka-10 - a single-seat observation helicopter used by the Soviet Navy.

Weirdest Vintage Aircrafts,single-seat observation helicopter Image credit: Reddit/ u/SteelVanguard1

7. The Hafner Rotabuggy - a flying jeep designed by Austrian Raoul Hafner of the British Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment. This British experimental aircraft was developed with the intention of producing a way of air-dropping off-road.

Weirdest Vintage Aircrafts, a flying jeep

Image credit: Reddit/ u/0382111

8. RFB X-114 - a German experimental ground effect vehicle. It was designed primarily to operate over water but could fly at higher altitudes where required.

Weirdest Vintage Aircrafts,ground effect vehicl

Image credit: Reddit/ u/NSYK

9. The PZL M-15 Belphegor. It is widely regarded as the world’s slowest jet and the world’s heaviest biplane. Production started in '76 with an initial order of 3000 units by the USSR. However, the design flaws were too glaring and production ended in '81 with 175 units built. 

Weirdest Vintage Aircrafts,  world’s slowest jet

Image credit: Reddit/ u/KrzepkiChrzan

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10. Douglas A-1 Skyraider with a goiter. Also known as AD-1W, it was an American single-seat attack aircraft that ran from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Weirdest Vintage Aircrafts,Aerocycle Douglas A-1 Skyraider

11. The Lockheed "Flatbed" concept. Yes, this was real. It was a proposed aircraft design from the 1980s of a cargo plane with an open top and an attachable passenger cabin for commercial use.

Weirdest Vintage Aircrafts, proposed aircraft design

12. RRG - Raketen "Ente" or Lippisch Ente - The World's First Rocket Plane. It was a tailless glider with two black powder rocket engines in the back. Designed by Alexander Lippisch as a sailplane, the aircraft first flew under power on June 11, 1928.

Weirdest Vintage Aircrafts, The World's First Rocket Plane
Image credit: Reddit/ u/setheory

13. The tailless Westland Pterodactyl IV. This photograph was taken by photographer Charles E Brown. The unusual experimental design was painted with 'dragon' markings for the RAF Hendon Air Pageant in June 1932.

Weirdest Vintage Aircrafts, Westland Pterodactyl IV
Image credit: Reddit/ u/radice86
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