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12 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Our Incredible World

The world can feel like a really strange place at times... If you think that you know everything about nature, history, or human anatomy, just look through these jaw-dropping facts. We were genuinely surprised to find out so much new and unbelievable information about our fascinating planet!

1. Ancient Romans visited Stonehenge as a tourist attraction.

Unbelievable Facts stonehenge
Researchers found remains of many Ancient Roman objects around Stonehenge, which suggests that Roman frequently visited the prehistoric monument. 

2. Snails have thousands of teeth!

Unbelievable Facts Snail
A snail's mouth is super tiny - it's about the size of the head of a pin. At the same time, this tiny mouth fits an average of 14,000 teeth. They're located on the snail's tongue.

3. Fruit stickers are technically edible.

Unbelievable Facts banana with stickers
Fruit stickers are safe to eat, so don't worry if you eat one by mistake. Still, avoid eating these stickers on purpose - they're still not beneficial for your health.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't dub his own role in Terminator in German.

Unbelievable Facts Terminator
Image Source: Imgur
The Austrian-born actor wasn't allowed to dub his famous role because his accent is considered very rural, and so movie-makers decided that it wouldn't fit the role.

5. Most of the world's oxygen is produced by the ocean.

Unbelievable Facts water algae
Scientists have established that ocean plants (namely, algae and phytoplankton) produce over 75% of the world's oxygen.

6. Kids born in the winter have a higher risk of mental health issues.

Unbelievable Facts kid in the snow
Researchers measured the cortisol of pregnant women to find out why this is the case, and they found that levels of the stress hormone were higher in women who give birth in fall and winter.

7. More salt is used to de-ice roads than is added to food by the entire world population.

Unbelievable Facts salt
Eight percent of the salt used every year goes for de-icing highways, and only 6% is used in food.

8. All people who have blue eyes are genetically related.

Unbelievable Facts  blue eyes
This common ancestor is known as "the Founder."

9. Pablo Picasso lived at the same time as Charles Darwin and the rapper Eminem.

Unbelievable Facts Picasso
Image Source: Imgur
The famous abstractionist artist lived for 91 years - born in October 1881 and passed in April 1973.

10. The Eiffel Tower was originally built for Barcelona.

Unbelievable Facts Eiffel Tower
The people of Barcelona reportedly didn't like it...
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11. There is a disease that turns muscle into bone.

Unbelievable Facts skeleton
It's called Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, and it's a very rare genetic connective tissue disorder.

12. The UK has more tornadoes per square area than all other countries.

Unbelievable Facts tornado
The specific number is  0.14 per 1,000 km sq, although most of these tornadoes are rather small.
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